Rockfon solve demanding

challenges with intelligent

ceiling solutions

The ambitious £37.5 million Littleport complex comprising special educational needs (SEN) and primary schools, an Academy and a leisure centre is nearing completion. Rockfon ceilings, baffles and wall panels are installed throughout the Academy and the SEN school. They were chosen as they offer excellent sound control, Class A1 fire safety, durability and are environmentally friendly.

Littleport complex

Project contractor Morgan Sindall. “This is a community-focused project which provides not just a positive learning environment that can enhance the educational experience for children of all ages and abilities, but is also an inclusive hub with great leisure facilities for everyone to enjoy”.

Special educational needs

When building schools suitable for children with special needs, more attention needs to be paid to the acoustics. SEN pupils are often sensitive listeners and can be easily distracted or distressed by too much noise. Installing sound absorbent finishes which offer the highest classification of sound absorption (Class A) in the learning areas helps create the appropriate sound environment where pupils can flourish.

Acoustic control in the classrooms

‘In schools up to 80% of the consonants spoken by teachers cannot be heard by pupils’*

Our Rockfon Blanka® ceilings with Class A sound absorption which

significantly decreases reverberation levels, helping increase speech intelligibility, are installed in the atrium, classrooms, science laboratories and the woodwork rooms at the Academy, and in the sensory room at the SEN school.

For areas which demand the greatest level of acoustic control, the auditorium and gymnasium, Rockfon Blanka®

dB 40 is the ideal choice.

The durable ceiling provides enhanced sound insulation, along with high light diffusion and reflectance, improving the learning environment and contributing to reduced energy costs.

Ceiling installation We worked closely with SCL Ceilings Contracts Manager, Andy Golding, “The modern, innovative design of the school buildings provided us with a number of challenges. Rockfon helped us to overcome these. They also achieve the look the architect wanted.”

One challenge was fitting an acoustic product in the double-height dining hall but this was overcome using Rockfon Contour® to install at height and in tight spaces.

Colourful acoustic design Rockfon Color-all®

wall panels offer Class A sound absorption and

combined with the ceiling baffles, they control noise generated in the busy dining hall. Chosen in White and Breeze colours, these visually-appealing wall panels enhance the interior design.

Meeting high standards Rockfon®

ceiling tiles are installed in the school’s kitchen areas. They are specifically developed to meet the high sanitation standard in hygienic areas. The ceiling’s robust surface can withstand pressure cleaning as it repels water and dirt.

Hygienic® ROCKFON

Informative and enjoyable CPDs Our RIBA accredited CPDs can be held at your office and meet the core curriculum subjects ‘Designing and Building it: design, construction, technology’ and ‘Engineering and Compliance: legal, regulatory, statutory frameworks and processes’. For information, samples, specifications or to book your CPD, visit or email:

*Speech Intelligibility in Classrooms research project by Herriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

TEL: 0208 222 7457 27

WWW.ROCKFON.CO.UK baffles which are easy Rockfon®

Koral™ is installed in the hydrotherapy pool, toilets and showers as the surface can be wiped clean, particularly suitable for high humidity areas.

Impact resistance

The activity hall, suite and fitness room are built using hard reverberant materials. Rockfon®

Scholar® ceilings offer Class A sound absorption,

creating an environment where people can exercise in acoustic comfort. The durable surface can also withstand impact resistance and the reinforced edge protect the tiles when removed for maintenance.


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