Repair; Refurb; Retrofit Target® offers Local Service,

National Coverage and Proven Solutions

In 2017, Target celebrated 20 years of Construction Solutions! Building a strong reputation through quality workmanship, Target offers innovative solutions to repair masonry structures. Target is now inviting dynamic, driven individuals to join its successful installation franchise.

Target is unique, and has been manufacturing designing and installing structural solutions since 1997 to create the ultimate ‘one-stop-shop’. Now covering more of the UK than ever before, and with an office in the Netherlands, we work with some of the most highly regarded surveyors, architects and structural engineers not only in the UK, but across Europe as well.

We only take on franchisees who are ambitious, hands-on people; ready to make a long-term commitment to Target Structural. If you were to join us as a franchisee, you will require a significant up-front financial investment, creativity, a desire to learn and also be prepared to lead your own teams to work within our framework in order to give yourself the best chance of success.

Starting a Target Structural franchise is a big commitment, which requires dedication and application to succeed. We look for enthusiastic people, who are prepared to work hard and we have a rigorous selection process to ensure that we only select the right people. If you’re up to the challenge, the rewards - both financial and in terms of job satisfaction - can be well worth it.

Installing high-quality,

British-manufactured products from Target Fixings, Target Structural provides elegant structural solutions - despite others abandoning all hope. This non-defeatist attitude continues to be the most recognised element in Target’s success.

Target Fixings’ primary products are: Bar Flex® , a stainless steel masonry

reinforcement material laid into slots cut into the mortar bed joints to provide invisible repairs and reinforcement to existing masonry structures; and Heli Pile®

, a unique, lightweight piling system, which allows easy, clean underpinning of subsiding structures or deep foundations for new buildings in areas that are difficult to access. When combined with Target’s range of remedial wall ties and class-leading, problem-solving nature, there is no problem so complex that a solution cannot be found. Target believes that the best road to success is through providing an invaluable, problem-solving service - if the solution is easy, the project is probably not for us. Target Structural does not provide catch-all or ‘me-too’ solutions.


We stand out in the construction industry as the ‘go-to’ for many eminent structural engineers, architects, and surveyors, including Historic England (formerly English Heritage) and the Canal and River Trust. No other company in the UK has such a comprehensive design and installation service, and our customers appreciate having one organisation to deal with their complete structural issues.

With Target Structural’s pilot franchisees recently completing their third year in business, and the remarkably high collective volume of business, it seems that Target’s success has not gone unnoticed. Our pilots have learnt a variety of new skills through Target’s extensive training program, covering all aspects of the business from the accounting system to utilising their ability to create cost-efficient and structurally sound solutions to each challenge encountered.

This has been made possible with the additional support of the passionate people working for us and the years of skill and experience they bring to solving numerous structural building issues.

Our pilots’ work with the National Trust, Historic England and other organisations has led to them completing a variety of repairs and solutions on a number of well known historical monuments, such as Upnor Castle and Powderham Castle. In addition to these successful repairs, we have found unique solutions for work at Waddesdon Manor’s sculpture exhibitions, Birmingham University’s BIFoR FACE project and the new River Avon footpath in Bath. All have been completed to our

remarkable, high standards - with work virtually invisible to the naked eye.

As well as feeling the benefits of both working outdoors and solving difficult construction challenges, our franchisees enjoy getting to know their local community - great service and referral generation are key to a successful Target Structural Franchise. It’s not all about structural problems; it’s also about people and relationships.

If you want to build a business of value, which provides a steady, long- term income - and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty!! - then a Target Structural Franchise could be the ideal choice....

If you are looking for Construction Solutions, contact Target today and experience our first rate service for yourself.

TEL: 01635 58 00 88 19


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