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NOwBOX, the brainchild of co-creators YeaJeanChoi and MartheyaNygaard, is a socialmedia-based forumfor creatives, across all artistic disciplines, to come together and create. There

is definite intent behind the kNOwBOXname;NOBOXendeavors to place no barriers between choreographers,musicians, andwriters, while encouraging these artists to knowother people and each other through socialmedia. “Knowother artists beyond boundaries.We lift those boundaries and invite creators onstage for collaboration.” In other words, they say “no to the box.”

The purpose of kNOwBOXis to support experimental pursuits by pro- viding a platformfor creatives to come together to connectwith the global community to “make, capture and share art.”

Pictured: kNOwBOX

with the kNOwBOXconcept. The twomet at SamHoustonUniversity, where they both receivedBFAs andwent on to attend TWU;Choi received herMFAin 2017,withNygaard scheduled to receive hers in May 2018. These forward-thinkingwomen have found away to break down perceived barriers to creating and staging performances, by con- necting artists regardless ofwhere they reside, and creating an evolving repository of available performance spaces. kNOwBOXprovides a plat- formwhere anyone fromaround the globe can submit content,while also discussing and collaborating. This kind ofwork is essential because it breaks down the creative silos that artists find themselves existing in and allows for an organic collaborative atmosphere to exist.

Pictured: kNOwBOX

Each evolving online laboratory has a central concept that includes guiding points for content submission. The first evolving laboratory called#artistconnection has asked artists to submit a headshot, self- bio, contact information and hiring fee.#artistconnection set the plat- formfor kNOwBOX’smission to unite artists across all disciplines. Thosewho submitted information for#artistconnection include DanielleGeorgiou ofDanielleGeorgiouDanceGroup,Melissa Sanderson, a Seattle-based dance artistwhose choreography has been presented internationally,Donovan Jones, aDallas-based compos- er/performerwho focuses on pairing ambientmusicwith large bass and percussion, and ThomasK.Hagood, Ph.D, awriterwho has pennedmultiple books about dance andwhoworks as theCEOof URBANEediting, an professional editing andwriters coaching service.

The second evolving laboratory called#JumpCutRelay asked partici- pants to create and submit a 10-second dance performance videowith the same beginning and ending pose, all shot on theirmobile device. Once contentwas collected, the performanceswere culled together into “Videodance,”which can be seen on the kNOwBOXwebsite.

Choi andNygaard paired their experience as dancerswith their research in site-specific performance and installationworks, to come up

DANCE!NORTHTEXAS a publication of the dance council of north texas Pictured:MartheyaNygaard vol. 21 • no. 2

Pictured: YeaJean Choi May-July 2018

kNOwBOXserves as an exciting example of the collaborative processes that are being seenmore andmore in content creation,while leverag- ing the internet as away to formconnections. It’s incredibly exciting to see howa platformlike thiswill continue to transformhowwemake and consume art.

Formore information about kNOwBOXand upcoming evolving labo- ratories, visit knowboxdance.comor sure to check out their Instagrampage under knowboxdance.

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