Constellation Marine Services and Nautical Institute to support the Marine Surveying

International Fest 2018 Constellation Marine Services, Dubai has been unveiled as the main sponsor for the new IIMS initiative coming later this year – the Marine Surveying International Fest 2018. The Nautical Institute has also agreed to support the event as official media partner. IIMS is grateful for their support.

Various professions and activities of all sorts recognise their own special international days to create awareness. Three such examples are World Radio Day, World Puppetry Day and International Firefighters’ Day. IIMS thought it was high time that marine surveyors have their own day – a day that celebrates their work and profession and brings them together, albeit in an online capacity.

So, IIMS has created the Marine Surveying International Fest 2018, a 24 hour celebration of marine surveying. The provisional date for this innovative and eye catching event is Wednesday 12 into Thursday 13 September, depending on your time zone!

IIMS will be preparing a major PR offensive ahead of the event, not just for the benefit of those in the surveying profession, but also for anyone who touches the sector, or engages with surveyors on any level to promote the art of marine surveying.

Marine Surveying International Fest 2018 is an online only event and will start on 12 September at 12 noon and run until 12 noon the following day. Each hour on the hour, a new presentation will be delivered live by a presenter somewhere in the world on a surveying topic. For one fee, you can join the Fest taking advantage of as many of the 24 presentations over the 24 hours as you wish. And if you miss any presentations because the time difference does not work for you in your location, your fee gives access to the entire content after the Fest, which will be videoed. The programme is being put together now and more details will be announced soon.

IIMS Membership Travel Service scheme

Norad Travel Group is running the Membership Travel Service scheme for IIMS members. The scheme offers a range of exclusive benefits for IIMS members only.

The Norad team of Marine Specialists are based in their Liss (UK) European Headquarters. They operate alongside their Global partners in Greece, The Philippines, India, UK, Ukraine, South Africa and Australia. Norad Travel Management holds marine fare contracts with all major airlines.

Why not make contact for a quotation for your travel requirements? Norad’s UK office can take your telephone calls on +44 (0) 1730 894700 from 08.30 -18.00 (GMT) Monday to Friday, or any time by email on: or see the web site:

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