Report Magazine March 2018,

edition 83, published today Highlights of this edition:

- The International Maritime Organization (IMO) celebrates its 70th anniversary in March 2018. IMO speaks exclusively to the IIMS.

- The path to Digital Classification

- Microbial contamination in marine industry and the blight known as diesel bug

- The Drone squad - Imaginary checklists and defensive procedures - Risks and opportunities in offshore wind - Estimating a small craft’s stability by means of rolling period tests

- Member and marine news; plus a round-up of safety briefings and new products

- A Day in the Life of John Walker Read in pdf format:

Or read in e-reader format:

Last chance to secure your CPD points for 2017

The window for claiming your Continuing Professional Development points for 2017 is still open, but it will close on 31 March 2018. You still have time to log on to the IIMS CPD App to secure your points. Remember, in some instances you will be required to supply appropriate evidence to substantiate your claim via the App. IIMS reviews every claim personally, but if there is no supporting evidence where it is required, your claim will be rejected. So please take care when submitting your points claim to avoid disappointment.

You are required to obtain just 10 points to be CPD compliant for 2017. Using the IIMS CPD App means it has never been easier to claim your points. The reward for those who successfully claim their CPD points is a specially commissioned CPD Compliant roundel, which will be applied to the IIMS web page listings of those members who qualify. If you experience technical issues using the App, or simply do not know what to do and how to use it, do not hesitate to contact the IIMS head office by email at: and they will ensure you get the necessary technical support and advice you need to resolve things and get you started. See here for details:

Claim your 2017 points by 31 March 2018!

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