and/or email notification to everyone involved. The dashboard view makes things more efficient, while proactive alerts ensure no change is overlooked. These systems are cloud-based and, therefore, information can be accessed by everyone involved regardless of location.

The streamlined process

saves time, so ASCs can focus more on patients and marketing their centers. For those ASCs considering a surgi- cal case communication and coordina- tion system, it is important to do your homework to ensure the system meets your center’s specific needs. Consider the following points to get started.

End-to-end coordination. While ma ny solutions do a good job connecting the vendor rep to the surgeon, some over- look other key players such as phy- sician office staff, anesthesiologists and nurses. Providing true end-to-end

communication to everyone involved is critical.

Automation. In addition to the time spent managing a case manually, it is easy to forget to include some people on certain messages when relying on one- off emails, faxes and phone calls. Auto- mation significantly reduces touch points and ensures no one is overlooked along the way. Real-time case information and updates proactively delivered to everyone involved ensures timely communication across the board. Automation should start at the beginning, once a case is submit- ted, and continue through the conclusion of the case. For example, some systems allow surgery dates to be automatically ported onto the surgeons’ calendar.

Ease of Use. As with any technology, the system should be easy to learn, use and deploy. An intuitive system requires

no more than a couple of quick clicks on the keyboard to input and share updates with the case team. A key benefit of a cloud-based system is that there is no hardware or software to install. Surgery coordination does not have to be a fragmented mess. With the right cloud-based system, ASCs will see increased efficiency, time savings and increased patient safety/satisfaction. Surgery centers also get important resid- ual benefits with cloud-based systems. By making it easier for physician offices to coordinate surgeries with your cen- ter, the potential for your ASC’s growth is greatly increased. After all, the easier an ASC is to do business with, the more desirable the center.

Gavin Fabian is the chief executive officer of Casetabs in Santa Monica, California. Write him at



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