tilation requirements. Lastly, con- sider whether operating the equip- ment will require additional or specialized staff.” Evaluating each important factor

can take a fair amount of time, Green says. “In the aggregate, it can feel overwhelming to perform the evalua- tion in a thorough way. Everything in an ASC is typically about speed and efficiency. Taking a step back during equipment planning can seem counter to this culture, but this effort needs to be thorough if you intend to assemble a comprehensive plan that saves time and money in the long run.”

Making a Sound Choice When Bayou Region Surgical Cen- ter moves forward with a purchase, Landry says she works to identify all possible vendors for that particular piece of equipment. “Then I go and see what is on my contract through my group purchasing organization (GPO). I will get my physicians’ input on whether they want to do a trial and for which vendors. We typ- ically let most vendors come in and usually do a two-week trial on each piece of equipment.”

By planning a purchase well in

advance, you will be in a better posi- tion to take into account potential influences on price, Green says. “It is often less expensive to buy at different times of the year. Supply and demand will dictate pricing and availability of a product, particularly refurbished or remanufactured items.” Oluwayomi is a believer in plan- ning ahead. “This will give you ade- quate time to ensure that you have GPO contracts in place at the appro- priate tier levels,” she says. “You will also be well-positioned to take advan- tage of promotional savings opportuni- ties when they come up.” Landry says she relies heavily on her GPO. “We call on them to do much of the legwork on the clinical aspects of the equipment we are assessing to

ASCA Asset Network Saves You Money

There are other services available that can help ASCs save money, says Kyle Green, chief executive officer of Louisville, Kentucky-based Healthcare Asset Network. One example is the ASCA Asset Network (, a secure online portal where ASCs can buy and sell health care supplies and equip- ment. ASCA partnered with Healthcare Asset Network earlier this year to provide this unique platform.

“The ASCA Asset Network helps ASCs find the products that meet their needs while eliminating much of the work required to make a financially sound pur- chase,” he says.

help ensure we are considering the right investments for our needs. We tap into our GPO’s expertise to learn more about options and models. We also know that if vendors are on contract with the GPO, they will have competi- tive pricing.”

The more time available to weigh your options, the more likely you are to make the right decision, Landry says.

“It took us three months to choose our video towers. We read all the fine print and made sure to compare apples to apples. We conducted our research and showed our physicians the pros, cons and prices of the models we were considering. That allowed them to make a sound judgment that we were confident would sustain us for the next several years.”


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