August/September 2017

Advocate Publisher Covers Stephen Curry's Golf Debut


publisher, Angela Jones, recently

Hayward, California cover

MVP Steph Curry's first professional

two-time golf


The HBCU Advocate traveled to NBA at


the Tour's Ellie Mae Classic. Ms. Jones, an avid golfer, was asked to cover the Ellie Mae Classic for a golf publication, The Hampton Roads Golf Guide.

one in addition

The story is a personal for Ms. Jones, who to graduating

from North Carolina A&T, attended Virginia Tech, the alma mater of Mr. Curry's parents. "Steph's father, Dell Curry, who played for the Charlotte Hornets, is one of the nicest and down to earth

HBCU Advocate Publisher, Angela Jones with Steph Curry. Read Ms. Jones' coverage of Steph Curry at According to Ms. Jones, "Steph

people on earth and Steph did not fall far from the proverbial tree," said Ms. Jones.

Curry remained cordial throughout the stressful situation of competing with

professional golfers in front of his adoring fans." Mr. Curry did not disappoint, shooting a 74 on both days.

Unfortunately for the tour,

Mr. Curry did not make the cut to continue play on Saturday and Sunday. He drew a large crowd at an event unheard of by most people who do not

play golf. All of social

media and news outlets were buzzing about his impressive play. The tournament proceeds will benefit the Warriors Community

and Mr. Curry's decision to play certainly

Foundation increased

the visibility of the Web. com Tour in general and the Ellie

Mae Classic

specifically. The Tour offers an opportunity for golfers to qualify to play on the PGA Tour.

The HBCU Advocate 15

Death In 22 States, Surpassing Heart Disease Te Hampton University Proton Terapy Institute (HUPTI) is uniquely positioned to make a difference.

Cancer: Now the Leading Cause of

Cancer is killing people at an alarming rate all across our country. Te latest statistics released by the American Cancer Society’s annual report confirms that cancer cases will significantly outpace the population growth in many states. Te statistics are very dismal for men of color who are being diagnosed and are dying faster than their white counterparts. Te disparity is eye opening in both the incidence rate and the mortality rate. In fact, African American men have a 70% higher incidence of prostate cancer than do white men. Te Hampton University Proton Terapy Institute (HUPTI) is uniquely poised to eliminate this disparity and the overall incidents and mortality rates for men of color.

Cancer is now the leading cause of death in 22 states, behind heart disease. Tose states are Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Proton therapy continues to be an innovative and effective nonsurgical, noninvasive cancer treatment. Te treatment option results in minimal or reduced side effects. Pencil

Beam Scanning technology provides the most advanced way to delivery proton radio therapy and is used at HUPTI. It allows for more streamline therapy preparation and efficient treatment delivery which results in a higher degree of precision than traditional cancer treatments. Treatment delivery of proton takes about two minutes or less, with each appointment being 20 to 30 minutes per day for one to nine weeks.

Te men and women whose lives were saved by this lifesaving technology are as passionate about the treatment as those who work at the facility each and every day.

When U.S. Air Force veteran Lawrence “Larry” Davis discovered in April 2014 that he suffered from prostate cancer, the same cancer which claimed the lives of his father in 2012 and brother in 2013, he wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best treatment. “It is just fantastic,” 68-year-old prostate cancer survivor andHUPTIgraduate, Davis said as he spoke of the great things that HUPTI has done for him. “Te Hampton University Proton Institute is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It saved my life.”

Dr.WilliamR. Harvey, a true humanitarian, led the efforts Hampton University has one of only 17 proton centers in the U.S. • Call us today for a consultation at 877.251.6838

of HUPTI becoming the world’s largest, free-standing proton therapy institute which has been treating patients since August 2010.

“As a patient treatment facility as well as a research and education center, HUPTI builds upon Hampton’s legacy of knowledge and innovation. HUPTI doctors and researchers are further developing the science of proton therapy and remain at the vanguard of the fight against cancer into the future. HUPTI is a catalyst for new scientific discoveries and increasingly accurate, advanced care for cancer patients,” Harvey said.

While prostate cancer is the most treated cancer type for proton therapy, HUPTI also treats a broad variety of cancers including, but not limited to some of the most technically challenging cases of prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, cancers of the brain and spine, head and neck, GI; and pediatric.

Successfully treating children without harsh side effects

Dr. W. R. Harvey, President & Visionary behind HUPTI

Targeted radiation can reduce side effects & discomfort

Larry Davis, prostate cancer survivor

Our staff provides support & compassion to our patients

Live Your Life & Let Us Fight Your Cancer

hampton university proton therapy institute 40 enterprise parkway, hampton, virginia 23666 757-251-6800 -

Photo by Bill Regacho

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