philosophy efficiently and effectively. A trusted lintel manufacturer can provide free lintel scheduling and technical support to housebuilders and developers to ensure the optimum lintel specifications are in place. Of course, all lintels from a reputable manufacturer can be used and will certainly comply with the Building Regulations. However, the psi value of all lintels specified must be taken into account when it comes to calculating heat loss and obviously, the lower the overall psi value, the better the resulting total fabric heat loss of the building will be. Housebuilders and developers can derive lintel psi values from a number of sources. It is possible to work from the default values taken from BRE IP 1/06 or ACDs, these are the ones found in SAP calculators and really they present the worst case scenario, so are best avoided. Alternatively, it can be worthwhile looking to the lintel psi values that the insulation and block manufacturers include with their typical thermal details. However, by far the best option is always to use the psi values provided by the lintel manufacturer themselves.

Further to this it is possible to achieve improved lintel psi values by using lintels without a base plate (removing the potential for additional thermal

bridging) and thermally broken lintels within cavity wall constructions. A lintel that incorporates a complete thermal break between the inner and outer leaf of a cavity wall will deliver the best possible thermal performance. With a flat top providing a consistent junction with the cavity wall insulation, the reliance on site workmanship is removed and ensures the actual performance of the junction meets the design expectations. The specification of a lintel like this has added cost, time and logistical advantages because it can be installed in the same way as a traditional steel cavity wall lintel onsite.

Glass balconies add style to coastal location

A development of luxury apartments on the scenic coast of Yorkshire has specified Neaco’s range of contemporary balconies and balustrade. The complex of 32 properties includes balustrade to terraces, glass Juliet balconies and walk on balconies with Neaco’s aluminium grille

flooring. The aluminium balustrade and rails feature a black powder coated finish which complements the tinted glass panels. Neaco’s grille systems are designed to provide a large foot contact area – typically between 74 per cent and 100 per cent on balcony applications – whilst enabling efficient drainage of rainwater. . Sapphire Balconies star in office conversion

Sapphire’s innovative balcony solutions have a starring role in the transformation of a number of disused office building’s into apartments following the relaxed ‘change of use’ planning requirements – part of the Government’s strategy to build homes on brownfield sites. Ash House is

one of these which included converting former offices into 41 highly desirable apartments in the Surrey town of Staines-upon-Thames. Sapphire supplied 34 offsite-manufactured projecting balconies as well as some Juliette balconies. The Senior Technologist overseeing the project for CDA was impressed by Sapphire’s product quality and end-to-end service. WWW.HBDONLINE.CO.UK

The replacement of traditional lintels within typical housing designs can result in significant heat loss reductions for housing developments. By utilising thermally broken lintels, which offer the same benefits of a traditional cavity wall lintel, yet deliver industry leading psi values of 0.02 to 0.05 W/mK – in turn means that steel lintels can support a Fabric First approach to building design, with no compromise to energy performance.

Richard Price is technical director at Catnic

Osmo introduces a new range of tools

Eco-friendly wood and finish specialist, Osmo UK, introduces a new range of quality tools to its impressive portfolio of products, including an innovative Osmo System Telescopic Handle. The assortment of tools aims to aid users in creating a premium finish to their Osmo projects and ease product application. Osmo’s new offering of tools includes a wide selection of the highest quality brushes, rollers, scrapers, mops, pads and machines,

each of which are specially designed to provide the perfect criteria for the intended appearance or effect that is desired. Whether users are looking to preserve, add a washed effect or highlight, there is a tool for it all. Waterproofing Simplified with Multi-Tight 2K

Multi-Tight 2K from Remmers is a new, flexible, mineral based waterproofing product which has all the performance properties of older technology polymer-modified thick bitumen emulsions, whilst being “bitumen free”. Using unique rubber granulate filler technology Multi-Tight 2K has a crack-bridging capacity

which is five times more effective than standard flexible mineral-based waterproofing systems. The versatility of the product allows it to be used to waterproof below ground externally and internally offering excellent resistance to ground or water pressure as well as frost and salts.

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