where a large amount of excess moisture is present.

ISOLATOR MEMBRANES Alternatively, a loose-lay isolator membrane can be laid directly onto the subfloor to provide a barrier between moisture and the floor covering. Loose-lay membrane systems are also ideal for use with heritage floors, because the membrane allows a new floor to be adhered to its upper surface while protecting the floor beneath. By acting as a base to receive resilient floor coverings and carpet tiles, loose lay isolator membranes allow durable new floors to be installed and easily removed at a later date, so buildings can be returned to their original state.

An isolator membrane is an impervious loose lay separator sheet designed to be laid over damp or contaminated subfloors prior to the installation of a wide range of sheet vinyl, linoleum, rubber floor coverings and bitumen backed carpet tiles. It provides a moisture barrier over damp subfloors and provides a protective barrier over floors that cannot be prepared by traditional methods due to surface contamination, such as oil, grease or paint, without the use of extensive mechanical surface preparation techniques. The membrane has nodules on

the underside to create an airspace allowing vapour to travel to the edge of a room, into a dry wall, or a ventilated area, where it can safely escape.

Unmanaged moisture can cause adhesives to debond, wood floor coverings to warp and other flooring failures that

compromise the aesthetic appearance or cause the flooring installation to fail. Accurate moisture testing and management is the best defence against flooring failures.

Neil Sanders is technical director at F. Ball and Co.

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Designer Contracts is recycling winner again

Designer Contracts has been named ‘Take Back Partner of the Year’ by Carpet Recycling UK for the third time. The company initially trialled a recycling scheme, in conjunction with CRUK. The scheme works by diverting 90 per cent of its fitters’ unfitted carpet into felt underlay. What isn’t turned into under-

lay is used in the equestrian sector for arena flooring. This innovative scheme saves a staggering 250 tonnes of waste going to landfill every year. The company has recently invested £40,000 in a baling machine that helps to recycle 70 tonnes of cardboard and 20 tonnes of plastic every year. CRL Stone has launched tiles to match with the vanity tops

Following the success of Ceralsio porcelain surfaces, CRL Stone has launched tiles to match with the vanity tops. Surfaces in the bathroom needs to be water-proof, easy to clean and hard wearing. Ceralsio meets all these requirements. Durable and non-porous, Ceralsio is the ideal material for bathroom tiles, available in two thicknesses – 6mm for wall cladding and 10mm for floor tiling - and a large choice of tile sizes from 30 x 30cm to 150 x 300cm. Totally impermeable, porcelain is completely stain and scratch resistant, making it a suitable choice for the family bathroom, kitchen, downstairs cloakroom or master en-suite. Because it is a non-porous surface, the build-up of bacteria or mould is prevented, while no extra care or special products are needed to clean it. A mild cleaning product is all that is required to keep the surface looking as good as new. Available in 25 colours, Ceralsio tiles tap into the latest trends in interior design, offering a natural palette that will work in harmony with the bathroom furniture. Team the porcelain flooring and wall tiling with a vanity top made from the same durable material for continuity of design throughout the bathroom. For more information, please call or visit the website.

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