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SeaGen is a landmark 1.2MW tidal turbine installed in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland in 2008 by Marine Current Turbines (MCT) to study tidal energy technology through the investigation of engineering, management systems, and environmental impacts

Since 2015, the project has been owned by Atlantis Resources Limited.

The SeaGen device is secured to the seabed via a quadropod foundation comprising drilled 1m diameter, 14m long pin piles. SeaGen is now

considered to have served its R&D purpose and Atlantis has decided to decommission the device to focus on development of the next generation of tidal turbines. SeaGen will be the first full-scale turbine development to be decommissioned.

NEW EIA Following a review of the pre- construction Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and updated methods for decommissioning it was agreed, via consultation with stakeholders, that a new EIA would be required. MarineSpace (supported by SMRU Ltd) were commissioned by Atlantis to prepare this new EIA. The main areas of concern for regulators and advisers were: >> Loss of designated seabed habitat (Strangford Lough SAC and MCZ) via use of jack-up or moored barges;

>> Spread of non-native invasive species Didemnum vexillum through cold-cutting of the legs;

Image courtesy of Atlantis Resources Ltd.


>> Noise and vibration disturbance to basking shark via use of jack-up or moored barge or cold-cutting techniques; and

Image courtesy of Atlantis Resources Ltd.

>> Underwater noise disturbance to marine mammals via use of cold-cutting techniques.

TIMING IS CRUCIAL The key mitigation measure to be employed to minimise any environmental risk is the timing of decommissioning operations. By undertaking work between November and April, the common seal pupping season would be avoided, abundance of marine mammals would be low and there would be no larval recruitment of D. vexillum.

Based on the EIA undertaken by MarineSpace, a draft Marine Construction Licence is under review and it is expected that the SeaGen device will be decommissioned in the winter 2017/18 period.

MarineSpace Ltd Email:

Daniel Ross 07539734927




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