Product Focus TME Thermometers

Reduce the cost of legionella risk control with TME’s innovative TC Wall Ports, compatible with thermocouple probes and thermometers. Designed for remote testing of water temperatures from up to 20m away, these miniature fittings can be wall-mounted in areas with difficult access. Ideal for bathrooms with boxed-in TMV’s, concealed pipework or high-level water tanks. No need to dismantle boxing or work at height. Attach a fine wire sensor to the tap, pipe or tank, run it to the wall port and leave in situ. When it’s time to take a temperature, simply ‘plug’ in your thermometer for quick and reliable results every time.


Vectaire’s new catalogue details its ranges of high performance, low energy, economical, residential ventilation units with EC motors. It describes Whole House Heat Recovery Units which control condensation and pollution by providing low level, continuous ventilation in up to seven rooms with up to 93 per cent heat exchange efficiency. Also shown is the WHHR Mini DC (for small dwellings, student accommodation etc), and the slimline Microbox DC, particularly suited for apartment installation. Finally, the Elegance and Elix are dMEVs available for installation into toilets, bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens.

Strongdor Limited

Strongdor Limited manufacture and stock a comprehensive range of steel security doors. What sets Strongdor apart from the industry is the high level of customer service and outstanding quality of their custom-made steel doors. Steel door experts, Strongdor offer glass profile as well as solid double and single fire exits and personnel doors which can be configured with louvre and vision panels. The doors can also be specified with a combination of fire, acoustic, security, ballistic and blast ratings. Powder coated, including C5I marine options, to give a high standard finish, the doors come with a choice of quality hardware.

Consort Claudgen

Consort Claudgen’s RXLC Landlord Control Heating System is an ideal heating system for student accommodation, hotels, or anywhere where a central control unit is required to control the temperature of all heaters in a building or rooms. It consists of an MRXLC controller and one or more CRXLC controllers connected to Consort’s RX heaters. The MRXLC can control any number of CRXLC depending on the building construction. It sets the same seven day programme with six time settings per day for all CRXLC controllers. Room occupants can temporarily adjust the room temperature on the CRXLC for a predetermined length of time.

Carrs Coatings Ltd

Glixtone Fungi-Shield is a highly decorative water based washable paint for any internal areas that are susceptible to Mould and Blackspot. This highly recommended ‘NLA Recognised’ product, is unlike most other anti-mould paints and is manufactured using a unique combination of biocides which are bonded to a thermal acrylic resin base which will prevent mould growth for up to 20 years. Available in White and Magnolia in a Matt finish. Also recommended is the use of Glixtone Sterilising Solution to remove any existing mould prior to the application of Glixtone Fungi-Shield.

ESS Ventilation

A well-managed ventilation system helps avoid mould formation on walls and ensures that you, your family, friends or colleagues breathe cleaner, fresher air. There are three popular types of ventilation technologies, heat recovery systems, positive input ventilation and extract ventilation. With over 18 years of professional experience in the trade, ESS Ventilation is a reputable provider of ventilation systems, and can offer excellent solutions for mould and condensation removal as well. The company serves South London and the South East. | HMM July 2017 | 29

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