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Valmet in Finland V

ince Maynard, Publisher of Forest Bioenergy Review was among a party of international

press representing the energy, paper and forest sectors invited to visit Valmet’s facilities and installations in Finland from 6-8 September. The well-planned and executed study tour was guided by Ms. Ulla-Kaisa Aho from Valmet’s Head Office and Ms. Satu Lamminen, Marketing Manager, Pulp & Energy Business, and guests were introduced to each other at a ‘get-together’ dinner hosted by Ms. Lotta Forssell, Director, External Communications, in Helsinki on Tuesday night. The tour began with a bus ride to Tampere next morning where

they were greeted at Valmet’s office by Mr. Kari Huovila, Vice-President, Automation Services, and Mr. Kai Janhunen, Vice-President, Heat & Power Generation, and introduced to the Industrial Internet and Valmet’s new approach to services.

Industrial Internet For Valmet, the Industrial Inter- net means the ability to capture and share data and information from the pulp, paper and en- ergy production machines and processes, and to utilise it for the benefit of its customers. Together with its customers, the company moves their performance forward by utilising the data to adjust operations and to plan preventive

maintenance. Valmet has already implemented hundreds of solu- tions utilising its Industrial Internet capabilities.

“As an example, we have today over 400 online connections with over 70,000 I/O tags monitored. We have been offering advanced remote analysis services to our customers

for a long time,” confirmed Johan Pensar, Director of Digital Services and Analytics at Valmet.

New approach

Valmet’s new approach to services known as Shared Journey Forward has further

developed the way the company

serves its customers on their shared journey. This way to serve is based on two things: the company’s core commitments to customers and its unique range of services. Its core commitments are the cornerstones of creating a good service experience. This involves responding to customers’ everyday challenges, such as keeping equipment and processes running reliably and optimising the performance of industrial processes to get the most out of the least. Valmet helps to ensure processes are competitive thanks to its latest innovations and by

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