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Expobiomasa 75% full


rganised by the Spanish Biomass Energy Association (AVEBIOM), the Expobiomasa trade fair has already contracted 75% of the available space ten months before the opening date. The event, which professionals in the sector have been awaiting since it changed to a biennial format after ten consecutive years, will take place in Valladolid from 26-29 September, 2017. According to the President of AVEBIOM, Francisco Javier Díaz González: “You only have to see the response to see how highly the sector values this fair, but the main thing is that the companies in the sector have seen the short and medium-term prospects for biomass in Spain in the light of its position in the European Union as a whole where it accounts for 16% of the consumption for heating and cooling”.

In spite of the economic difficulties of recent years and the drop-in diesel prices last year, exhibitors’ satisfaction with the event’s visitor profile was boosted at the last edition and Expobiomasa 2017 will be supported by 18,000 professionals not only from all over Spain, but also from more than 30 countries, especially Portugal and Latin America, looking for unique business opportunities and new approaches

from the 600 companies and sector-leading brands that will be represented.

To foster participation by companies, the organisation offers two kinds of discount that can also be cumulative for those who meet the requirements of both: a discount of 50% on the price of floor space contracted before 31 December, 2016 – this discount will be reduced to 25% on the price of reserved floor space for companies that confirm participation between 1 January and 31 March, 2017; and an extra discount of up to 25% for members of AVEBIOM on the price of reserved floor space – this will be maintained during the entire registration period until 30 June, 2017. More information from

Advanced biofuels and materials

Following the success of last year’s conference in Munich, Germany, with Clariant’s Sunliquid plant visit, and the previous one in Madrid, Spain, with Abengoa’s demonstration plant site visit, the WPL Group has announced that the next Lignofuels Con- ference will be taking place at the heart of the wood bioenergy industry – Finland.

Already on its 9th edition, this two-day conference will bring together key industry stakeholders. The main conference will be held in Helsinki on 1 and 2 Febru- ary, 2017. A day prior to the main conference (31 Jan- uary), a limited number of conference delegates will have the unique opportunity to join an exclusive site visit to the UPM Lappeenranta Biorefinery, the world´s first commercial scale wood-based biorefinery. This refinery started commercial production in January, 2015, with an annual production capacity of 100.000 metric tons (120 million litres) of renewable diesel. There is no extra charge to join the site visit, although places are limited and allocated to the confer- ence delegates on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so the organiser highly recommends booking in advance.

Andritz Pulp & Paper Elmia Wood FireWard

Conference topics include: Key Developments in Nordic Countries with the Focus on Finland – the Power House of Advanced Biofuels Industry; Wood- based Biorefineries Pave the Way to Successful Bioec- onomy; The Role of Advanced Biofuels in Decarbonis- ing Transport; Scandinavian Examples – Demonstrating On-going Commitment to Bioenergy; Current Status of Swedish Biofuels Development and Government Policy; Latest Developments in Modern Biorefineries; Solving Enzymatic Problems; Advancing Pre-Treatment Processes; Supporting Innovation in Advanced Biofuels Industry; Conversion of Biomass to Pyrolysis Oil – an Update on the 5 Ton/ Hour Empyro Pyrolysis Plant after Two Years of Operation; Renewable Aviation Fuel – Production of Jet Fuels from Biomass Feedstocks; Scandinavian Study Outlining Sustainable Aviation Fuels; Advancing Efficiency and Optimising the Forest Biomass Supply Chain; Finance Session: Why Invest in Advanced Generation Fuels?; State-of-the-art Tech- nologies; and Future Insights and Latest R&D Work. More information from

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Forest Bioenergy Review Hadfield Wood Recyclers Pellets 2017

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IFC Winter 2016 17 17 Diary of events

Central European Biomass Conference Graz, Austria

18-20 January, 2017

Fuels of the Future Berlin, Germany 23-24 January, 2017

Pellets 2017 Kalmar, Sweden

31 January-1 February, 2017

Lignofuels 2017 Helsinki, Finland 1-2 February, 2017

IrBEA National Bioenergy Conference Dublin, Ireland 9 February, 2017

Wood Biomass Heating Tampere, Finland 16-17 February, 2017

European Pellet Conference Wels, Austria 1-2 March, 2017

World Sustainable Energy Days

Wels, Austria 1-3 March, 2017

Nordic Baltic Bioenergy Helsinki, Finland 29-31 March, 2017

Euroheat & Power Congress Glasgow, Scotland 14-17 May, 2017

Int’l Advanced Biofuels Conference

Gothenburg, Sweden 17-19 May, 2017

Elmia Wood

Jönköping, Sweden 7-10 June, 2017


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