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Forestry footwear for professionals


he latest innovation in forestry footwear, the Protector Ultra, available in lime green and signal red, has been launched by HAIX, the functional footwear specialist based in Mainburg, Germany. The boot combines all of the foot- wear features required by forestry professionals.

HAIX footwear designer An- dreas Himmelreich has stated that that the features within the Pro- tector Ultra enable the footwear to be both sturdy and strong, but still light in weight.

The product boasts a soft yet

close fi tting cuff that prevents sawdust and other dirt entering the boot. The two-zone lacing

system means that the boot can be tightened and adjusted accord- ingly in two sections, ensuring that the foot and the calf fi t each individual perfectly. The antibacte- rial, moisture-repellent insole with heel cup further enhances impact protection and foot guidance. The Vibram® sole is made from a spe- cial HAIX rubber mix compound to prevent slipping on icy logs or the ground at low temperatures. Due to its breathable design, the Protector Ultra offers maxi- mum protection to wearers, whilst being watertight and, above all, comfortable.

The health problems that can develop as the result of inad- equate footwear are extensive as boots are worn all day by people performing heavy work in forests. These new boots have been de- veloped according to orthopaedic criteria, taking into account the latest scientifi c knowledge in all relevant fi elds, thus ensuring that worker health is the uppermost concern.

Like many HAIX models, the Protector Ultra comes with a Gore- Tex® lining for optimum climate comfort in all seasons – even un- der the most adverse conditions. More information from

Knuckleboom loader

The latest addition to John Deere’s line of full-tree forestry solutions, the 337E Knuckleboom Loader, was recently introduced by the company. A key upgrade in this model is the incorporation of the reliable hydraulic system used in the 437E machines. This proven system offers foresters the peace of mind that their machine has been thoroughly tested in a variety of applications. In addition, the hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption compared to the previous small model.

14 14 Autumn 2016

The 337E also boasts a 5% increase in both swing torque and boom lift over previous models, thus reducing delimbing and truck loading times.

Serviceability has been im- proved on the 337E machines. The ground-level oil drain and fi lter changes make hydraulic oil and fi lter maintenance faster and safer, enabling operators to spend more time up and running. An optional electric refi ll pump simpli- fi es service even further. A smaller, 35-gallon hydraulic oil reservoir reduces the cost of changing

‘Solutions for Pulp and Paper Production’

A 16-page brochure from Berthold Technologies covers ap- plications in the pulp and paper industry, including measuring the fl ow of wood chips or bark, measuring the moisture content in wood chips, measuring the level in the pulp digester and measuring the density of both lime mud and liquor.

‘Solutions for Pulp and Paper Production’ also contains infor- mation on measuring the level in the standpipe of medium consist- ency (MC) pumps. Maintaining the level of pulp stock in MC pumps is highly important as if it falls below a certain value, it can cause cavitation of the pump. The processing of recycled pa- per involves cooking of the paper to recover lignin and Berthold can supply a radiometric belt weigher in order to control the amount of paper that enters the cooking pro- cess. This measures the bulk fl ow whilst being non-contacting and non-intrusive, without any moving parts. Installations are possible on all types of conveyor (belt, drag chain, bucket or screw). The measurement is highly accurate and repeatable, so that there is no need for re-calibration. More information from

hydraulic oil by 44%.

Other improvements include an easy-to-install Citizens Band radio and an updated electrical system. Integrated circuit boards replace the fuse panel and relay board,

eliminating relays and dramatically reducing the amount of wiring and connections in the circuit board area.

More information from

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