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2016 SummerDanceWorkshops and Intensives

lyrical, audition preparation and choreography. Previous jazz train- ing required.Registration&Payment: exclusively online at www.dallasballetcenter.comCost: $235

Company:BalletConservatory Contact:MaryNeel ContactPhone: 972-317-0194 Address: 1400 FM407 City StateZip:Lewisville,TX 75077 EmailAddress: Website: ProgramDates: June 20th to July 21st Teachers/GuestArtists:GuestArtists: Sarah Lane, LiubaKozireva Paterson, and Steven Loch. Curriculum:BalletConservatory’s 26thAnnual Summer Intensive. ClassicalBallet, Pointe andVariations daily taught byKelly Lannin, DeborahWeaver,Nancy Loch, ShannonBeacham, JanetWaters and ourGuest Faculty.Modern technique taught by Shanon Tate. Jazz andContemporary taught byRachaelClark. Specialweekly Tap classes andMusical Theater Tap taught by Tracy Jordan. Workshop also includes Pilates, Yoga,Choreography,Character and Mime studies.End of summer performance showcasing our sum- mer studentswill be held at theMedicalCenter of LewisvilleGrand Theatre on July 20th at 7:00 pm. TuitionRange: $110 to $200weekly Audition:No RegistrationDeadline: 06/20/2016 AgeRange: 8 and up Expertise: LowIntermediate toAdvanced Scholarships: Scholarships available to advanced boys eligible for Pas deDeux Description: Join us atBalletConservatory aswe continue the tradi- tionwith our 26th Summer Intensive to provide seriousClassical Ballet Training.Our programalso includes Jazz,Modern and Contemporary to create dancerswho versatile and artistic. Fun dance camps provided for the younger dancers.BalletConservatory has something for everyone.BalletConservatory has been named a YAGP “Outstanding School” and its faculty has been awarded sev- eral “Outstanding Teacher” and “ChoreographyAwards”!

Company:DallasBlack DanceTheatre Contact:AcademyOffice ContactPhone: 214-871-2387 Address: 2700AnnWilliamsWay City StateZip:Dallas,TX EmailAddress: Fax: 214-871-2842 ProgramDates: Summer Intensive - June 27 - July 8, 2016; 9:30am- 5:30pm Teachers/GuestArtists:DarrellCleveland,KimJones,MiltonMyers, BabaChuck,Davis Levi, PhilipMarsman,AllanKinzie Curriculum: Jazz,GrahamTechnique,Horton Technique,West African,ContemporaryModern,ClassicalBallet,Dunhamand Tap.

page 28 May-July 2016

TuitionRange: $40 - $775 Audition:No RegistrationDeadline: 06/20/2016 AgeRange: 15 and older Expertise: Strong technical training in ballet andmodern Scholarships: Yes Description:Come and trainwith the professionals!During this two week intensive, youwill studywithDallasBlackDance Theatre fac- ulty and renownedMaster teachers. The diverse programwill con- sist of classes in classical ballet, theHorton Technique, theMartha GrahamTechnique,WestAfrican, Jazz,Dunhamand tap.

Company:DentonBalletAcademy Contact:EldarValiev,Director/Owner ContactPhone: 940-891-0830 Address: 637LondonderryLane City State Zip:Denton,TX76205 EmailAddress: ProgramDates: June 27-July 10, 2016 Teachers/GuestArtists:Mrs.MarinaBogdanova-JoffreyBallet School,NY,NY;Mrs. JenniferAustin-Arts inMotion,Kingston, TN Curriculum Russian ballet technique (Vaganovamethod)-Ballet, Pointe,Variations,Repertoire,CharacterDance,ModernDance TuitionRange:Depends on age: $100-$350 perweek Audition:No RegistrationDeadline: 06/27/2016 AgeRange: 3-4; 5-6; 7-9; 10-12; 13&up Expertise:High Scholarships:No Description:DentonBalletAcademy Summer Intensive provides high quality of professional instruction in classical ballet andmod- ern dance. The primary focus for the programis classical ballet tech- nique (ProfessorVaganovamethod)

Company:MejiaBallet InternationalAcademy Contact:RobertoRiesco ContactPhone: 817-881-9970 Address: 768LincolnSquare City State Zip:Arlington,TX76011 EmailAddress: Website: ProgramDates: June Preparatory—July andAugust Intensives Teachers/GuestArtists: PaulMejia,MariaBalogh,ChachaGuerrero. Olga Pavlova,MicheleGifford,Nicole Smith Curriculum:Ballet, Pointe,Variations, Partnering,Genuine Pilates, Modern&Musical Theater. TuitionRange: $275 - $1,595 Audition: Yes RegistrationDeadline: 06/01/2016 AgeRange: 10-18 Expertise:Basic to Pre-Professional Scholarships:No Description: JUNEPREPARATORY For Students andAspiring ProfessionalDancers attending high profile Summer Intensives. JULY SUMMERINTENSIVEStructured for students thatwant to achieve the highest level of training possible, and/or to students striving to become professional dancers.Ages 11 to 19. Several Levels.AUGUST SUMMERINTENSIVEFour (4)weeks of Summer Intensive focused onClassicalBallet forAdvanced Students and Pre-Professionals.

DANCE!NORTHTEXAS a publication of the dance council of north texas vol. 19 • no. 2

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