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local dirt Incorporate some marsala into your home this fall T Fountain grass (left), coleus (right) or oxalis can add a touch of marsala to your home. letters

his is the year of marsala, a deep and sultry red with brown and blue undertones. If you weren’t seduced to purchase plants this summer in this

rich and comforting tone, why not try it indoors as the weather cools? Marsala is warm and welcoming. When it’s paired with contrasting bold colour accents such as lime green, it can create stunning arrangements. For a festive feeling, try mixing ColorBlaze Marooned

Coleus, Charmed Wine Oxalis or Red Riding Hood Purple Fountain Grass in with your decor for the holi- days. Add some natural items such as driftwood, rustic accents such as sleigh bells, candles and seasonal ever- green boughs on a mantle or as a table centrepiece for entertaining. And don't forget the wine!

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Test your garden knowledge

Ragweed is wind pollinated and the cause of many allergies.

Dear Dorothy, Last issue, on page 25 under a photo-

graph of Goldenrod, the text states that Ragweed is 'insect pollinated' when in fact it is 'wind pollinated' and is there- fore the cause of allergies. Kathy Lytle

You are absolutely correct! (As I know

much to my own asthmatic sorrow). While most people blame goldenrod, it is

the one that is insect pollinated and whose pollen is too heavy to be borne on the wind. We will make the correction and thanks for picking this up. Dorothy

Dear Kathy, Ugh! My apologies, I also know this since

both ragweed and goldenrod are plentiful in our area. I let the wild goldenrod grow in sunny patches, and rip out the ragweed at its first sign since it bothers my sinuses. I thought it was a great tip to share and can’t believe I mistyped what I wanted to say. Thanks for catching this so we can correct it for others. Tania When do Chrysanthemums prefer to bloom?

Are you a savvy fall gardener, or do you have some changes to make to your routine next year? Test your knowledge by answering true or false to the following questions.

1. Dead annuals left in the garden over winter will rot and infect the soil. 2. Leaving the dead stems on perennials protects the crowns during the winter. 3. Make sure you rake all leaves out of your garden beds for a healthy garden. 4. Remove blooms of goldenrod before they go to seed to prevent allergies. 5. Ragweed pollen is strongest near the plants first thing in the morning. 6. The end of August is too late in the season to plant anything you’ll benefit from this year. 7. Chrysanthemums bloom late in the season because they prefer cooler temper- atures. 8. Fall is the time to divide all perennials that need to be divided. 9. Never store tomatoes in the refrigerator. 10. You can start a new garden this fall out of the newspaper.

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Photos courtesy of Proven Winners.

Photo by József Kincse.

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