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local dirt 4-H potato club and giant

vegetable club achievement day


he Durham West and East Potato Clubs along with the Durham West Giant Vegetable

Club held their achievement day at the Wilfred Community Hall this past September. Potato members brought their best

potatoes in groups of three to enter the different potato classes: Yukon Gold, Russian Blue, Russet Burbank, Nicola Novella, Rode Esterling, Fingerling, and two kinds of Amarose and Banana. Veggie members, meanwhile, carried

in their heaviest produce for judging. Abbi Shier grew the heaviest beet

(15 lb. 6 oz.), beating all previous records! She also won for the heavi- est gourd and carrot. Abbi tied for the heaviest tomato with Kelly Crawford and also tied with her brother, Daniel Shier, for the heaviest giant pumpkin. Keeping up with the family winning streak, Daniel grew the heaviest field pumpkin. (What’s in their soil?) Rebecca Crawford had the heaviest

onion, weighing in at 8 oz., and the tallest sunflower at 12 ft. 4 in. The tallest corn was grown by Haley and

flower photos Favourite

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of their favourite flowers. If you keep sending in your photos we will happily continue shar- ing them in the maga- zine. Send photos to tania@pegasuspublica-

4 • Beautiful Gardens 2015

Carter Ashton (12 ft. 4 in.) and Kate- lynn Crawford had the heaviest swede at 31.6 lb. Congratulations to Abbi Shier

who won the trophy with 33 points! Kelly Crawford placed second with 27 points, Katelynn Crawford was in third with 24 points, and Daniel Shier in fourth with 21 points. Once the victors were chosen, the

vegetables and potatoes grown by the 4-H’ers, leaders and other local garden- ers were auctioned off by auctioneer, Kevin McGuckin. The monies raised by the auction

were donated to Matt & Shirley Ostertag. The Ostertag family have a lovely 3-year-old, Landon, and soon to be one-year-old twins, Aubree and Chase. Unable to digest food when he was born, Chase had difficulty gain- ing weight, and passing the 10 pound mark was difficult. Today, he has finally reached 13 lbs! The 4-H’ers are super proud of the little guy and were happy to present the family with the auction proceeds, a total of $820, and wish them continued health in the future.

“Visitors to our Cornwall Ontario garden are always surprised that these perennial cactuses survive our cold winters. We have three different ones and they are all beautiful,” says Reina Ruest.

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