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Nightscaping Lighting can provide safety and add ambiance. D is

o you ever look at other homes as you’re driving by in the evening? The ones that

catch your eye are usually aglow with feature lighting playing up aspects of the yard, garden or home itself. Why not consider accenting your home’s features with lighting as well? Take the step from ordinary to extraordi- nary and make your home the one at which people take a second look as they pass by in the evening. “Nightscaping”, even the word romantic,

is the latest landscap- Play up gorgeous views with strategic lighting.

ing trend for homeowners. It can be romantic or dramatic, but it is not being overlooked by gardeners anymore. Lighting does more than just enhance the beauty of your yard; it also increases the security and safety of your home. Making a choice

Landscape professionals can help

you make an informed decision about where best to place lights, new prod- ucts on the market

that may be of

interest to you and what type of light- ing is best for your yard. When deciding what type of light-

Applying a unique landscape lighting idea can improve the appeal of your garden if you know how to do it.

30 • Summer 2015

ing to install you need to not only consider the layout of your yard, but how you use the space and how the lighting will look from inside your home. You may need lighting for pathways to ensure safety or just want to play up the gorgeous views.

Styles of lighting Designers can discuss with you the

several ways in which you can achieve different effects through lighting. Lights are generally aimed three ways in land- scaping. Moonlighting aims lights downwards, usually from a tree or struc- ture to create gentle romantic lighting. Up-lighting is, as it suggests, the upward use of lights aimed from the ground or below a structure, it creates bold shad- ows contrasting with bright lights. Cross-lighting uses two light sources to eliminate shadow by lighting an object from both sides. Silhouetting, shadowing, grazing,

spotlighting, down-lighting from struc- tures or hardscapes, pool or underwater lighting and washing are just a few of the other techniques you can use to make your back yard shimmer. Fixtures

When it comes to bulbs and outdoor

fixtures, variety it seems is the spice of life. The least expensive, incandescent, are making way for a host of better offer- ings. They offer pleasing light, but have a short life and consume more electricity than halogens which are more efficient – lasting longer and requiring less energy. Halogens emit strong, white light and provide an intensity that works well for landscape lighting. While they do burn hotter than LED, this is a benefit in the winter where halogens will melt the surrounding snow while LEDs become

Photo credit Landscape lighting ideas design.

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