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31 MAR – 13 APR 2015 ISSUE 655

The power to create great changing spaces

Craſtsman Lockers are leading space planners in the design and supply of great changing rooms that enhance the leisure experience. Our innovative approach to matching

provision with customers’ ever-rising expec- tations for high quality facilities enables

us to deliver changing areas that can meet evolving requirements and that have the capability to stay pristine in even the most demanding of environments. Creating sensitively-designed, great places to change is about understanding the client’s

needs, as well as those of their members. Tat’s why we ensure we build long-lasting

relationships as part of a powerful working philosophy across private and public sectors, that caters for all operational models from high-end to low-cost.


established fitness norms. 1Rebel offers a no-contract, high-inten-


sity dual studio fitness concept in the heart of the City of London, delivering a full body workout based on weights, bands and bikes and claiming to set “a new benchmark” for indoor cycling in the capital with its 45-min- ute group cycling. Te 8,000ſt2 facility is split into two large

studios – the Spinning-style indoor cycling Rebel Ride and a resistance set-up featuring intense bursts of running on treadmills, Rebel Reshape - based on a pay-per-visit model. “We’re revolutionising London’s fit-

ness industry,” 1Rebel proclaims, “ditching the tired model and building destinations not just gyms. Our boutiques are built to a balance of beauty and function, with engi- neered layouts that inspire and motivate.” Intrinsic to that vision are the chang-

ing rooms. Co-founders James Balfour and Giles Dean are in no doubt about their importance. Balfour says their quality and size represent a “major selling point”. Fully stocked with top-end grooming and skin- care products, they feature vintage barbers’ chairs, unlimited towels, hair-straighteners and charging sockets for mobile phones. Surfaced in copper and silver, the awe-

inspiring lockers help create wondrous changing facilities unseen anywhere. “Te

club was designed to create an industrial luxe ambience,” Giles explains, “and it was important to us that the materials used had integrity, one of our key brand values. Consequently, we did not want a typical veneer-type finish. Te metals suited this purpose and complemented the overall feel we were seeking to achieve. “We have worked with Craſtsman in

Eastern Europe, Turkey and Asia,” he con- tinues. “One of the great value adds that CQL bring is their experience and exper- tise in changing room layouts. While we certainly had input, it was Craſtsman that led the layout for 1Rebel, supplying lockers, benches, towel and shoe drops.” Te operator plans more boutiques across

London and a second is due to open this September, with Craſtsman specified as the preferred partner for the changing provision. “1Rebel is constantly seeking to push

boundaries and disrupt traditions. CQL is a key partner in that goal,” stresses Giles in acknowledging Craſtsman’s central role in this facet of the project.

paragon of “pared-back indus- trial luxe” has landed in London in a blaze of glitz and glam- our that threatens to blow away

Copper and silver surfacing set shining tone to lockers in City’s vibrant gym

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