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PULSE The Schools' opinion

1. Why did your school choose ‘POP’Lacrosse?

It was an initiative run by the local secondary school to offer local primary school’s options for children to participate in sports they may not usually get a chance to try.

2. How did the children take to it?

The children picked up the game very quickly, and showed real talent and ability! They all seemed to really enjoy taking part, and loved the experience of competing at the Nationals in Hertfordshire.

3. Was it hard to pick up?

Not really! After just one hour session, the kids took part in a tournament, and won it without losing a game! I think the best thing about Lacrosse is that it uses skills that children will have from other sports. Hand eye coordination is taught in school lessons in Tennis, Cricket etc. and really it was just transferring those sorts of skills. There are some aspects, such as scooping and sometimes catching that were harder, but the basics are really simple.

4. You play with mixed teams don’t you? How do the boys and girls get on playing together?

Yeah teams were mixed, in the competitions we went to there had to be at least two girls on the pitch in a team at a time. As you get to further

stages of Lacrosse, for example at university level, the game is split into men's, women's and mixed options, with differing rules for each.

The kids got on well together playing, but I think that's based on the fact that they're friends in school, and are taught PE together, so are used to playing in teams together. There was a good connection between everyone in our squad, and a really good morale throughout all three tournaments, even when decisions and games were going against us a bit!

5. Do the kids enjoy it?

Yes! If you were to ask them they'd tell you the same! For my dissertation research I conducted a survey to find out what sports children in primary schools enjoyed taking part in, and Lacrosse scored very highly amongst those who had participated in the sessions! This could be because it was fresh in their mind, but I'm not sure!

6. If another school asked you about POP Lacrosse and its merits, what would you say?

Give it a go! You don't need to have a teacher in school who knows they're way around a Lacrosse pitch, there are people like Joe from English Lacrosse who can help out with equipment and training. The kids love it, it teaches teamwork and at the end of the day gets children who may not enjoy 'mainstream' sports into a different sport, which they may be naturals at!


Lenham vs St Eanswythe (8-5) Wouldham vs Brooklands (2-2)

Brooklands vs St Eanswythes (2-4) Lenham vs Wouldham (9-1) Brooklands vs Lenham (2-6)

St Eanswythes vs Wouldham (8-0) 3rd/4th Place Play Off

Wouldham vs Brooklands (2-3) Final

Lenham vs St Eanswythes (4-2)

Congratulations to this year’s Champions!!!!!! Lenham Primary School

The Kent & Medway School Sports Magazine 5

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