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Anti Aging Skin Care

Spending the entirety of my working life in health and beauty journalism, the development of award-winning spa

treatments and creation products that actually

work – working with the skin’s natural aging process not against it.

Whilst there are multiple key

ingredients famed in the anti-aging field, for maximum effectiveness I truly believe that it is the fine blend of potent ingredients alongside a targeted delivery system to provide the very best results.

Products are specifically formulated to maximise the results at each stage of the aging process. Throughout the

forties, The hormones key start visible to

affect skin due to pre-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal changes.


attributes include sagging skin, loss of elasticity, lines and wrinkles, dull, sallow skin, uneven skin tone, age spots and pigmentation, dehydrated skin and large pores and redness. For each of these attributes there are specific ingredients used in the natural skincare market to combat. By introducing anti-aging products to the skin too early, with ingredients too active for younger skin, detrimental effects on the natural aging process will occur and many younger skins have become needy. For skin under the age of 40, the focus should always be on age prevention and not anti-aging.

In a similar thread, there should be a clear understanding of the biological age of the skin (which interestingly

dramatically from the chronological age).

Under consumers

often the


age be

of differs

rather forty,


with age prevention. Products in this category contain targeted, active ingredients to work with the skin’s own revitalisers - Collagen, Ceramide and Hyaluronic Acid – working in natural harmony with the skin to provide both instantly visible results plus long-term skin benefits. Ingredients regularly found

in products natural include

age-prevention ceramide

boosting and barrier strengthening Sunflower Seed Extract, Tumeric to even skin tone and Rose Hip Oil,

14 of

natural products, it has always been my lifetime aim to deliver anti-aging

rich in Omegas 3,6,9 and Vitamin A to prevent premature aging.

Once the skin displays the key aging attributes as discussed earlier, the requirement

active and targeted solution. targeted delivery

will be for a more As

well as the efficacious ingredients in anti-aging products, the technology surrounding its

is just as vital. The specialist, tailored serums and moisturisers are required to penetrate deeper layers of the epidermis. With this understanding at the core of the ESPA brand, our patented Natural Encapsulation Technology (NET) delivers

concentrated natural

actives deeper into the skin for maximum effectiveness. Protecting the actives in an outer shell enables a higher level of potency.

Ingredients such as Carnosine may be used to combat aging processes such as Glycation. This is the damaging reaction of sugars with proteins such as collagen and elastin leading to loss of firmness and


elasticity. protect

Carnosine against also damaging environmental pollution known to

cause premature aging. ingredients such as



effective by themselves, by layering serums,

these are and


together, the potency, performance and ability to penetrate deeper into the skin is enhanced further.

Alongside Carnosine, Liquorice Root Extract is used in many anti-aging, age-preventative and radiance products. Naturally rich in Glabridin, proven to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, a crucial enzyme in the production of melanin, it effectively helps calm redness, even skin tone and minimise the appearance of age spots and pigmentation. As

the research in anti-aging

continues to be a focus in this market, the science behind the delivery systems to the skin, and the use of new natural ingredients will continue to improve and evolve the market.

Susan Harmsworth, Founder & CEO, ESPA Creator of the world’s finest spas, ESPA has pioneered the science of natural beauty in a potent collection of radically effective formulations.

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