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Delivering training for the next generation of active leisure workers is a great responsibility. Choosing which awarding organisation to go with can play a signifi cant role in the learner’s levels of success, and in turn, yours too. Central YMCA Qualifi cations (CYQ) has been setting the highest of standards for a number of years and continues to grow.


he future is unpredictable but you learn from experience. With more than 400,000 certifi cates awarded, CYQ has been at the

forefront of developing new generations of teachers, instructors and trainers for more than 15 years. From schools and colleges to universities and private providers, CYQ’s host of learning pathways are the number one choice for setting learners on the right track for a bright future. Established in 1998, CYQ is one of the

UK’s leading awarding organisations for physical activity, fi tness and wellbeing qual- ifi cations. It develops and awards a diverse suite of qualifi cations delivered through a range of training providers across the UK and internationally. A highly respected name amongst industry experts, employers and learners, CYQ has supported more than 200,000 people to launch or progress their careers within the industry. Renowned for excellent levels of customer care and quality of service, CYQ always

operates with centres’ interest at heart. Proof, if needed, comes in the form of its most recent centre survey, which indicated that 95 per cent of centres would recom- mend CYQ to another training provider. “CYQ makes its courses so much easier to

run compared to others,” said Jon Brazier, course director at City and Islington College. “T e high quality manuals and workbooks help the students and tutors massively.” With more than 70 qualifi cations avail-

able, ranging from Level 1 to Level 4, everyone – from those taking their fi rst steps in the industry all the way through to established professionals – has a route for progression with a CYQ qualifi cation.

Study Programmes With such a wealth of experience, it could be easy to rest on your laurels. T is is most defi nitely not the case at CYQ. Being ready to react to changes in the priorities of gov- ernment, centres and learners is at the very forefront of its success – epitomised by the recent launch of its new Study Programmes. T e introduction of the raising the par-

All learners aged 16-19 are expected to follow a study programme.

ticipation age (RPA) policy means that 16-year-olds will be required to participate in education until the end of the academic year in which they turn 17. From 2015, 17-year-olds will be required to participate in education until the end of the academic year in which they turn 18. All learners in full or part-time educa-

tion aged 16-19 are expected to follow a study programme tailored to their individ- ual needs, education and employment goals - including learners who have particular

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learning diffi culties and/or disabilities. CYQ is on hand and ready to help as the

study programme forms one of the ways in which learners will be able to continue to participate in education. T e qualifi ca- tions aim to challenge and motivate learners and allow for progression to higher levels of education, or to skilled employment within the active leisure sector. All centres will be supported through the delivery of their qual- ifi cations with creative teaching and learner resources and innovative eLearning packages. All packages comprise the key components of the study programme, including: • stretching and challenging qualifi cation(s) • extremely detailed qualifi cation(s) • English and mathematics functional skills • a free additional qualifi cation to support the main programme. Centres are also welcome to deliver any

of the qualifi cations included separately to form part of their own study programmes.

Apprenticeships T e government committed to providing an additional £40m for 20,000 more new apprenticeship starts over the 2013/14 and 2014/15 academic years in the offi cial 2013 Autumn Statement. CYQ is once again ready and willing to

support this target by off ering apprentice- ship framework packages and supporting resources that meet the requirements of the Active Leisure Learning Apprenticeship Framework at Level 2 and Level 3. T ese include: • intermediate instructing exercise and fi tness • intermediate activity leadership

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