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School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR)

Regional and global impact

Our approach is to study and evaluate health, healthcare, health services and health policy from the broadest possible range of clinical, economic and social perspectives. We attract more than £6 million per year in external research funding.

ScHARR brings together health-related expertise in three sections: Health Economics and Decision Science; Health Services Research (HSR); and Public Health. We also house the NIHR Research Design Service for Yorkshire and the Humber, a White Rose collaboration with the Universities of Leeds and York, and the Clinical Trials Research Unit.

ScHAAR is one of the eight members of the National NIHR School of Public Health Research. Led by Professor Jon Nicholl, Dean of ScHARR, the new school will deliver a national research strategy to build a strong evidence base for public health practice.

We have 300 multidisciplinary staff from disciplines such as Health Economics, Operational Research, Sociology, Medical Statistics, Nursing, Psychology, and Information Science. There are also clinical skills in Public Health, Emergency and Vascular Medicine, Rehabilitation and Mental Health. Our postgraduate community includes around 90 research students and over 350 masters students.

ScHARR provides an extensive range of continuing professional development courses for NHS staff under the Learning Beyond Registration scheme. These include masters courses in Public Health, Management, Economics, and Informatics.

We are also one of the largest recipients in the UK of funding from the NIHR Health Technology Assessment, Service Delivery Organisation, and Invention for Innovation programmes. We are the largest UK contractor for NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) research, and the major partner in the South Yorkshire Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC), awarded NIHR funding of £10 million over five years.

Our research

Our research programmes are based on world-class strengths in health economic modelling, decision science, outcome measurement, medical statistics and study design.

Our main research topics are:

Emergency care Public health trials and research Assistive Technologies R&D Psychological services research Health Technology Appraisals

Methods: • Decision science focused on cost-effectiveness modelling and the identification, acquisition and synthesis of evidence

• Outcome measurement and evaluation • Trials methods and statistics.

The main priorities of our empirical health services research are evaluations involving both primary research, especially trials, and secondary research using reviews, evidence syntheses and modelling. Trials are developed and supported through the Clinical Trials Research Unit, which is becoming a pivotal focus for the development of trials within the South Yorkshire research community.

Our research demonstrates a major impact on practice and policy, particularly through our work for NICE, the Department of Health, and other collaborations and consultancy work with the NHS. Our knowledge transfer work with the pharmaceutical and technical device industries is helping us develop new industry-supported CASE studentship opportunities. Across the University we also work with Social Sciences and Science on health-related questions and evaluations.


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