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The first step to sporting participation

IAN TAYLOR is chief executive at Skills Active

Training to help diabetic and obese on the up

Premier Training International (PTI) has announced an increase of 49 per cent in the number of fitness professionals undertaking training courses to help people suffering from diabetes and obesity. The news comes amid recent


research from Diabetes UK which sug- gests the number of people suffering from the condition will increase two- fold in the next 20 years. PTI’s Obesity and Diabetes course

killsActive is very passionate about playing its part in encouraging all ages across the nation to be more active. If we can get people doing a

little physical activity whether it be in an aſter school club, play centre or sports club we have secured that first step on the ladder. We don’t need them to become sport stars overnight, we just need them to start moving and enjoy- ing being active. Tis will help plant the seed for a lifelong active lifestyle. Earlier this month the Department for

Communities, Local Government and Sport England announced that four areas (Manchester, Kirklees, Luton and Greenwich) will share £364,000 over two years to get more than 20,000 people to participate in sport and physical activity. Tis is great news and we look forward to hearing of other similar awards. It is important that all government depart-

ments’ (Communities, Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport) work together in order to assist in assuring a joined up and unified approach, particularly in relation to workforce development. SkillsActive is playing our part in helping

to professionalise the workforce required to encourage and retain an active lifestyle. Friday 6 December sees the launch of the Register of Children’s Activity Professionals (Capre), an independent register to assist schools, par- ents and individuals in ensuring that they are only employing or taking part in activities organised by a skilful, qualified and regis- tered professional. Visit www.capregister. org for further information. Another exciting project currently being

worked on by SkillsActive is that of Get Healthy Get Into Sport Active Newham. As part of this scheme Te British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health (BHFNC) has recently secured £500,000 of funding from Sport England. Te aim is to bridge the gap between GPs and other health professionals and the inactive population. Te Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) mem- bers have been developing GP direct referral schemes over recent years and welcome this latest development.


was originally launched in February 2012 with an initial 100 trainers com- pleting the course in London alone. PTI states that more than 250 peo-

ple in total have now completed the course accredited by Active IQ, either as a stand-alone or as part of the Diploma in Exercise for Specialist Populations introduced in July 2012. “As the national levels of diabetes and obesity

Diabetes numbers are expected to double in the next 20 years

increase, the industry is moving towards a closer alignment with the medical fraternity in tackling national health care issues,” said Victoria Branch, global marketing director at PTI. “We are finding that an increasing number of health and fitness professionals are recognising this and want to establish themselves as a credible alternative or adjunct to mainstream medical interventions.” Other diabetes and obesity courses are on

offer from training providers which include Discovery Learning, Parallel Coaching and Fitness Industry Education. Nationally, 7.4 per cent of people aged over 16

are thought to have diabetes and this is projected to rise to 8.4 per cent by 2020. Te impact of exercise on diabetes is a topic

of current intrigue in the health and fitness sec- tor, with recent research suggesting that building physical activity into the daily routine could impact on the development of the condition. Details:

FitEx qualification enhances trainer skills

A new fitness qualification has been launched combining the Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualifi- cation and Les Mills International Instructor certification. Te FitEx qualification, launched

by Les Mills UK and Lifetime Training, gives trainees the chance to study Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology, five key elements of training and trainer soſt skills. Te qualification also provides the

opportunity of studying one or two Les Mills programmes, with courses being completed within two to three months. FitEx uses a variety of learning methods and

Te qualification seeks to enrich instructor learning experiences

tools, including home study, online learning, four days split across a classroom and a gym, plus 10 hours of Les Mills pre-course chore- ography learning and live training. Te Fitness Instructor course includes entry

onto the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) at Level 2 along with 20 CPD points, while each Les Mills programme earns instruc- tors an additional 16 REPs points. “Fitness Instructors and PTs need more than

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technical skills and this will become increas- ingly clear as their roles change and become more demanding in the future,” said Nigel Wallace, client services director at Lifetime Training. “While we build key practical, commu-

nication and commercial skills into our certificate and diploma courses, having the FitEx Award including one or two Les Mills Programmes, really enhances an instruc- tor’s employment opportunities and value.” Details:

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