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Winters reflects ... looks to future

and it became a thing where I loved it.” Sheriff Bolin retired and Winters was elected Sheriff in 1990 and was sworn in on Jan. 1, 1991. “My family and my wife have always been

very supportive of me,” Winters said. “My wife and I as a team decided I would run for sheriff.” During his tenure as sheriff, Winters was a member of the Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association, where he was an executive board member, leg- islative chairman, and president of the associa- tion from July of 2001 to July 2002. Winters was also one of the sheriff’s representatives on the Association of Arkansas Counties Board of Directors. He retired as sheriff in 2008. Winters was hired as deputy director of the

Arkansas Department of Emergency Manage- ment (ADEM) in April of 2009 and continued that position until he was appointed as direc- tor at the Arkansas Crime Information Center in 2012. He said he had grown accustomed to working with a wonderful group of people at the Pope County Sheriff’s Office, but found an- other great group at ADEM. “I fell right into another group that obviously

doesn’t do what they do for the money,” Win- ters said. “Tey do it because they love helping people. I can’t say enough about the folks there. Tey are a real asset to the state of Arkansas.”

Winters has been married to his wife Sheena

for 36 years and they have a son, Jay Jr. of Little Rock, and a daughter, Amber, son in law, Ryan, and two granddaughters, Kyleigh, 6, and May- cie, 2, of Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. What’s going on at ACIC? Winters was appointed to the director of the

Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC) on Jan. 31, 2012. Te center is an assisting agency and it was created in 1971 to mainly provide law enforcement with information on driver’s licenses and vehicle license plates. He remembered August 1975 as the first time he used an ACIC computer. “I see where it was then and I see where we

are now,” Winters said. “It’s just amazing.” He again reiterated the fine group of people he found at the ACIC. “Tese people work hard and strive for excel-

lence,“ Winters said. “Because of that, we are now to the point … where we are now.” ACIC assists criminal justice officers with an array of information. Te ACIC website,, also hosts the state’s sex of- fender registry. By the end of the year, Winters said driver’s license and vehicle information will be acces-

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sible on iPhones and is already available on An- droids for criminal justice officers in the field. Tis mobile delivery model will make real-time information another asset to the Arkansas law enforcement community. ACIC is also responsible for maintaining

the Victim Notification System in the state of Arkansas. Winters said his concentration right now is getting out to various meetings making sure law enforcement and other officials know what ACIC does. “We can get more information than they

think we can get,” Winters said. “And so we can be very beneficial in investigations and have been instrumental in some investigations.” “Mobile applications are an important thing right now,” Winters said, “I think by the end of year that we will have that up and running.” Winters also alluded to several ongoing

projects where ACIC is working with other entities to improve the databasing capabilities of the state. “We’re all about officer safety and citizen

safety,” Winters said. “So the more we know about a person the better chance there will be a positive result from that encounter or traffic stop or call.”

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