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Anatomy of a Civil Trial

President’s Message

Louise A. Lock

I will be joining what I view as MAJ’s version of the Ring of Honor, the Past Presidents’ cadre. It has been an interesting year and one in which MAJ has accomplished much. Te association has increased its membership over the last


year and MAJ now has over 1400 members. Te hard work by the Membership Committee, ably co-chaired by Jessica Bhagan and Sloane Fish, has certainly come to fruition. At the start of my term, I established an ad hoc committee to

determine whether MAJ should be more involved in the process of interviewing potential, judicial candidates and whether a more formal procedure would be appropriate. Wendy Shiff was appointed by me to chair the committee. Te committee’s work and recommendations were presented to the Board of Governors and the Board approved the creation of a new judicial candidate interview committee. I appreciate and thank Wendy Shiff for her time and efforts in this important endeavor. An ad hoc committee was also established to review whether the MAJ Constitution needed any revisions or updates and to determine whether MAJ should adopt by-laws. Te work of this committee has not yet concluded and it is my hope that this committee will continue this pursuit in the next year. On the important legislative front, MAJ was again

fortunate this year to have the advice and counsel of our lobbying team of Daniel T. Doherty, Jr. and Frank D. Boston, III. I want to thank the entire Legislative Committee, and in particular, John Bratt and Dennis O’Brien, for their hard work and assistance in formulating and helping to effectively carry out the MAJ legislative agenda for this year. Also, a special thank you to David Wildberger whose research on certain issues and contributions were always spot on and invaluable. It was particularly interesting that this year, MAJ had

the support of the Medical Mutual Liability Company of Maryland on two of our bills: one, allowing for wrongful death beneficiaries to obtain the decedent’s medical records without the necessity of opening an estate, and the other, a bill to provide for a pro rata reduction of one third of Medicaid’s subrogation interest in past medical expenses paid by Medicaid. Te legislative team also worked collaboratively with the Maryland Bankers Association on the Trust Act bill. I would be completely remiss if I did not recognize, in

particular, the efforts of Dennis O’Brien, who worked untold and countless hours before and throughout the legislative

ponder how quickly my year as President has passed. It seems as if May 13, 2011, when I became President, was just a few minutes ago. Now, in a little over two months,

session by reading, reviewing and cogitating many potentially dangerous bills, testifying whenever and wherever needed and skillfully (and often with much needed humor), assisting the whole team in its efforts. In addition, Dennis also kept the members informed throughout the session with weekly updates about the activities of the Legislative Committee. Finally, I want to thank the all of the members of the Board

of Governors and the committee and section chairs for agreeing to serve this wonderful organization this past year and for their commitment and contributions which allow MAJ to succeed. On May 5, 2012, I will pass the brass bell to George S.

Tolley, III, our next President. I wish him well and am confident that MAJ will continue to prosper under his leadership. 

Biography Louise A. Lock (Louise A. Lock, PA, Towson, MD) received

her JD from the University of Baltimore School of Law and an LLM in Health Law from the Widener University School of Law. She is a member of the MAJ President’s Club as an Eagle. Ms. Lock was most recently Co-Chair of the Nursing Home Section. She has also served as Chair of the MAJ Publications Committee, Editor-in-Chief of the Trial Reporter journal, Chair of the Membership Directory and Chair of the Membership Communications Committee. In 2007, Ms. Lock was a founder of the MAJ Public Awareness Committee and initiated the Public School Awareness Program (PASP). She also serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Te Maryland Bar Journal. Her practice focuses in the areas of medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, product liability and serious, personal injury matters.

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