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14 ROMNEY from 1 Governor Romney has

also proven his strong leadership qualities in or- ganizing a superb team in this primary. They hit the ground running and accomplished a real pres- ence across the country from day one. This will prove invaluable in next year’s election.

THE WEIRS TIMES & THE COCHECO TIMES, Thursday, December 29, 2011 Of course, as is the norm

in elections nowadays, the dirt will fly and the GOP candidate will be hunted down by the liberal me- dia (part of Obama’s re- election team) and every nuance of his or her per- sonal life will be dissected. Though we consider much of that insignificant, it is the way the game is played

and how elections are won and lost. Governor Romney’s life

has been thoroughly scru- tinized and he remains unscathed. We believe that this will help keep the election focused on the real issues that Americans care about. The economy, jobs, government spend- ing, healthcare and energy

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will stay in the forefront instead of personal indis- cretions. It will help expose President Obama for the “say whatever I have to say to be reelected” ap- proach and show his true lack of direction. We can talk about things like his unwillingness to okay the Keystone Pipeline, which would create tens of thou- sands of jobs and help ease our domestic energy problems, all because he is afraid of losing some votes from his extreme environ- mentalist supporters. The biggest hammer to

be used against the Gov- ernor will be the issue of Romneycare. Though some of our conservative friends may not agree with Massa- chusetts’ healthcare reform measure, we know that what was done there was a matter of states’ rights and wasn’t the boondoggle that the Obamacare mess is shoving down the throats of every American; an un- popular plan that spreads economic misery while put- ting control of our very lives in the hands of bu- reaucrats. Romney plans to issue an executive order on day one to pave the way to eliminating Obamacare and giving that authority back to the states. In our meeting with Gov-

ernor Romney in August we were struck by his sincerity. Apart from some claims of his being born with a silver spoon, we laughed along with him as he recounted his early days on Lake Winnipesau- kee with his family and his 16-foot boat he had to launch and take out of the water each time. How they would cruise to the end of Paugus Bay to eat at Burger King. How he at first couldn’t afford to buy property on the lake but, after years of hard work, he could. He has lived the American Dream and he understands that anyone can achieve that. Still, if we don’t do something soon, that opportunity will be forever out of anyone’s reach. With a billion dollar cam-

paign war chest behind him, President Obama will stop at nothing to win reelection. If he does, we feel this country may be permanently changed for the worse. We must make a change,

there are no options. Mitt Romney is our best

hope for us to see Presi- dent Obama and his wife board that helicopter to leave the White House for the last time on Sunday, January 20, 2013.

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