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THE WEIRS TIMES & THE COCHECO TIMES, Thursday, December 29, 2011


New Year Resolutions: Defeat Obama, Liberal Socialists, RINOs, & “Fight the Good Fight & Never, Ever Give Up”

G a r y

by Niel Young Advocates Columnist

Hammond WEZS Old- ies 1350: There was much in- terest in the pro- g r a m with Mark Connolly which has

been posted to our web- site at http://www.wezs. com. Hover over the “Lis- ten Online” item in the top menu, then select “WEZS On Demand.” You’ll find the program listed near the top of the list of our current podcasts. Just click on the title to listen or right-click and “Save As” to download the file for listening later. Thanks for listening! Mark is the author of

“Cover Up: One Man’s Pursuit of the Truth Amid the Government’s Failure to End a Ponzi Scheme”. He is referring to the crim- inals in the FRM robbery where two people went to prison, and many in NH Government have egg on their faces for their com- plicity in causing folks who invested lost a total of $33 million. ********

We will be doing a Sat-

urday, and a Monday edition of The Advocates. This Saturday 12/31 I have Rep. Cliff Newton R-Rochester as an in-stu- dio guest. With so many Right to Know violations happening in the state Cliff and I thought the public should be brought up to snuff. Is it true the zoning board didn’t keep minutes of the meetings for 9 years? Are some school board members in Litchfield not being invited to a certain meeting? How does the full membership of a board of selectmen meet in the police car as

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a local business is being raided? Perhaps you have some examples of politi- cians being bad. Why is it we do not have

more pundits pointing out what kind of Repub- licans we have in Con- cord and Washington? The National Republican Congressional Commit- tee does? Several times a week I receive a report on how bad Democrats are behaving. When do the Republicans plan to get there house in order? ******** Can you envision Mitt

Romney or Newt Ging- rich choosing the follow- ing “great moderates of our time” to be vice-pres- ident, chief of staff, or a cabinet with Condoleeza Rice, Christie Todd Whit- man, Chris Christie, Tom Ridge, Jon Huntsman or Judd Gregg?

******** Are you ready for the

next election cycle to be- gin? What, you ask? Soon after the presidential pri- mary is history here in NH candidates for governor will begin the “campaign season”. I have a feeling I

will not be happy with the outcome of Jan. 10. IF I were thinking about

a run for governor two of my issues would include a REAL look at privatiza- tion of liquor sales. Leas- ing the property where there are rest areas to private enterprise with fast foods, liquor, and a state comfort/informa- tion center. Oh yes, the EBT cards.

If it truly is about the children and elderly, let’s establish points of dis- tribution around NH for the proper food items for folks who now have “the card”. What will that cost? I don’t know yet. The goal is to make sure the youngsters are prop- erly fed/nutrition. That eliminates booze, drugs, and smokes. Take my money for redistribution without my permission - but please target the right people who will use MY money properly. Anyone, state employee or assis- tance recipient guilty of theft or fraud: loss of job and privileges and jail time.


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Bill Knightly, Gilford (Comments in Laconia Daily Sun): “The right to work (for less) crowd just won’t quit. Led by Mr. Niel Young of AM radio and newspaper column fame, they (he) continue to rail against unions and Republicans who had the courage to stand up for their beliefs and against the legislative leader- ship and vote to sustain Gov. Lynch’s veto. They (he) threaten to oppose those courageous people for standing up for their beliefs.” This fellow is bringing me new readers and listeners. Gee, maybe he will receive some fan mail! More from Bill: “He and others, expect our rep- resentatives to act like sheep and ‘go along to get along’ and just vote the way they are told. Isn’t that the same reason that we have “national health care”, because of the go along Democrats? I congratulate those Re- publicans who stood with the governor and voted to uphold his veto.”

And Bill ends with this:

“One would hope this would put an end to this, however , I am sure Mr. Young and his right to work (for less) gang will be working hard to get this passed and lower all of our standards of liv- ing.” Sir, you stay tuned.

I will continue to fight for those who are more talented and far better employees to negotiate with management than having to pay money to an organization that is fine with mediocrity in the workplace. Also Bill, I am looking

forward to speaking with Anastasia Pryzbylski and Ana Puig, founder and co founders of The Kitchen Table Patriots Tea Party Group. City Councilor Justin Stottlar provided me with these contacts in Pennsylvania. Tune in Saturday 8-noon WEZS 1350AM or wezs. com. We are on 9-10 each weekday including Jan. 2.

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