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Criminal Law

HB 858 Education - Public Schools and Youth Sports Programs - Concussions MAJ originally opposed this bill because it contained yet another immunity provision to protect volunteers at youth athletic activities who negligently send athletes with concussions back into competition. Upon MAJ’s urging, the immunity provision was removed; the bill passed and awaits the Governor’s signature.

MAJ’s success in the 2011 Legislative Session would not

have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our team of professionals and volunteers. We can be proud of our lobbyists, Daniel T. Doherty, Jr. and Frank D. Boston, III, and our legislative volunteers, MAJ President Robert J. Zarbin, MAJ PAC Chair Bruce M. Plaxen, Legislative Co- Chair James K. MacAlister, John B. Bratt, Andrew H. Kahn, Mark Rosasco, Robert G. Samet, Eric N. Schloss, MAJ Vice President George S. Tolley, III, and our legislative team’s Rookie of the Year, Jessica G. Bhagan. MAJ members who are not involved with these efforts cannot understand the level of commitment and sacrifice

offered willingly by the MAJ legislative team in Annapolis. Nevertheless, those of us who volunteer to advance your clients’

interests in Annapolis recognize that legislative

victories would be impossible without the regular, monthly financial support of MAJ’s President’s Club members. Te $300, $200, $100 monthly contributions by President’s Club members help fund the MAJ PAC and are an important reason why the opinions of your MAJ legislative team are viewed seriously by those who wield power in Annapolis. MAJ will continue to protect Marylanders from those who seek to avoid accountability for wrongful conduct, but for MAJ to remain successful you must help by offering your talents and your financial resources to the effort.

not a member of MAJ, join now. If you are an MAJ member but not a President’s Club member, don’t freeload on the money and work of others: join the President’s Club today.

If you are

Wayne M. Willoughby, MAJ Legislative Co-Chair


New and Returning MAJ Members March 2011 - May 2011

Karen Alegi

Rolando Julio Aleman Cathrin Banks

Derek Baumgardner J. Renee Boston Heather Brondi Janine Burke Nelson I. Burgos Jim Bushnell

Jonathan R. Carroll Joseph L. Carter Jessica Cloutier Frederic L. Cook, III Suzanne R. Cooper Michelle R. Daley Gary E. Dumer, Jr. Kip M. Edwards Greg Eichelman

Olekanma Ekekwe-Kauffman

Brett A. Emison Benajmine Evan Jeremy R. Feldman Allyson B. Goldscher David W. Gregory Tiffany L. Harvey Jonathan L. Haskell Emily Hobbins David G. Hodges Molly P. Hoffman Matthew G. Huddle Erynn A. Huff

Vincent U. Iwudike Ronald H. Jarashow Mary Koch Mark E. Korn

Julie Ellen Landau Cecilia I. Lavrin

Herman Lawrence, Jr.

Amanda Leatherman Heain Lee Brian D. Lloyd Lily Monir Matini Erin N. Matthews

Thomas M. McCray-Worrall Derrick Milburn Gerard F. Miles Mark C. Miller Michael D. Milstein Sarah McKelvey Mollett Ryan A. Mooney Thomas C. Mooney Dominigue S. Moore Grant M. Murchison Veronica B. Nannis Ryan S. Perlin Thomas S. Pyles

Andrew M. Rodabaugh

William Shiffman David W. Shineman, II David M. Snyder Erin H. Snyder John R. Solter Abby Ross Spilker Melissa Renee Stahl Morris Starkman Jason Steinhardt Rebekah J.H. Sullivan George E. Swagman Barry M. Tapp Suzanne K. Vetter Erin K. Voss

Justin Walker-Turner Amos Matthew Whitney Justin P. Wilkinson Beth Yaker

Jonathan E. Yoffe Trial Reporter / Summer 2011 13

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