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accessible and affordable for even smaller firms. In some cases, it can actually save you money. Essentially, you need two video-

conferencing locations. Kinko’s has videoconferencing sites available in every major city, and larger court reporters, such as LAD Reporting, Art Miller & Associ- ates, and Esquire Deposition Service all have these capabilities, as well. If you are videoconferencing a deposition, it makes sense to go through your court reporter for the transcription and videoconferenc- ing components. How much will this cost you? Video-

conferencing typically ranges from about $200 to $350 per hour per site. Compared to a round trip plane ticket, time spent out of the office, meals, and even hotel charges, it might be wiser to videocon- ference a deposition than to travel to the deposition location. Of course, some depositions you should go to in person, when you can. Typically, the defendant and key fact witnesses should be deposed in person. Witnesses who will be asked to examine or refer to a large number of documents may be easier to depose in person. However, a defense expert who is prepared appropriately will likely be immune to the additional pressures that come to bear in a live deposition, so video- conferencing may be to your advantage. Note also that a deposition done by videoconference is not the same thing as a videotaped deposition. Not all videocon- ferences are recorded, and you should determine if any special measures need to be taken in order to play a recorded de- position. Maryland Rule 2-416 contains numerous requirements for the operator of a videotaped deposition, including stating his name, employer, date and time of deposition, caption of case, deponent’s name, and name of the party giving notice on the tape. Md. R. Civ. Proc. §2-416(f ) and (g). Likewise, the operator must attach a certificate that it is a correct and complete record of testimony given. Great care must be taken to ensure that the videoconferenced deposition may be used at trial.

Tip No. 6: Get A Desktop Searching Program

We’ve all had that sinking feeling

when, after searching every folder on your computer for the final version of the brief you worked on a month ago, you come up empty-handed. It’s always in the last place you look. Now there is a way to cut down your search time. Download a free desktop searching program, such

Summer 2006

as Google Desktop ( com/downloads/) or Copernic (http:// With it, you can search your entire hard drive for e-mail, files, documents, folders, and anything else that is saved on your computer, in- cluding your Internet history. This brings the ease and efficiency of an Internet search to your hard drive.

Tip No. 7: Upgrade From Adobe Reader Adobe Reader is free software available

at The creators have distributed over 500 million copies of the program, so chances are that it is on your computer right now.5

It offers the ability

to view, print, and even to search PDF documents, albeit to a limited extent. The Adobe family includes Acrobat

Professional, and Acrobat Standard. Ac- robat Professional has more features than Acrobat Standard, but the version you use depends on your firm’s requirements. Here are some features that you may not know about:

A) Use the “Snapshot” tool to select and copy a portion of an Adobe document. Paste it into another ap-

5 acrrfaq.html

D) Create new PDF documents from Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, Outlook) by clicking the “Convert to Adobe PDF” icons on the toolbar or in the “Adobe PDF” drop-down menu.

E) Create new PDF documents from Microsoft Explorer by clicking on the “Convert current web page to an Adobe PDF file” icon on the toolbar.

F) Conduct a presentation using only Acrobat by clicking “Full Screen” on the “View” drop-down menu. This omits the toolbars and cre-

plication, such as onto PowerPoint slide.

B) Re-arrange pages within a docu- ment, or insert pages from one Adobe document to another. Sim- ply click the “Pages” tab on the left side of the screen, select a page or pages, then move your cursor to the insertion point of that or another Adobe document.

C) Create new PDF documents from WordPerfect: click the “File” drop- down menu, and click “Publish to PDF.”

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