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EPIC director general Carlos Lee looks at recent developments in photovoltaics


Greg Blackman and Rob Coppinger on how lasers and vision equipment are maximising solar energy


Lasers are being used to optimise the efficiency of offshore wind farms, as Greg Blackman discovers


Rob Coppinger finds out how wind power is being improved by the use of light


A round-up of photonics and imaging products suitable for photovoltaics

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Renewable forms of energy are becoming much more important to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. This year’s Photonics for Renewable Energy supplement expands on last year’s Photovoltaics edition by incorporating the use of photonics in wind energy, both in manufacturing turbine blades (page 16) and in assessing potential sites for wind farms with lidar technology (page 12). There is even a discussion of solid state lighting in Carlos Lee’s introduction (page 4) – he is director general of the European Photonics Industry Consortium – which, while not a renewable energy per se, has huge potential to reduce energy consumption of lighting in the home and in industry.

PV is still very much a part of the

renewable sector where photonics plays a big role, and a market expected to undergo resurgence in the next few years. The article on page 8 addresses the laser technology used in solar cell manufacture and the inspection techniques available for quality control.

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