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EVT has released EyeSpector 1002L, a compact smart line scan camera with onboard EyeVision software for image processing.

The camera has continuous and frame-oriented image acquisition modes. Continuous image acquisition is suitable for inspecting roll-fed material such as plastic foil, paper, metal, or cloth. In contrast, the frame- oriented mode was developed for long objects such as planks, poles or boards.

Micro-Epsilon has launched a lightweight thermal imaging camera that can be mounted easily to a variety of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including micro-drones and multicopters. UAVs equipped with the thermal imager are ideal for numerous potential applications in aerial maintenance, including inspection


Camera manufacturer Basler has added nine new models to its Ace GigE cameras series. The new models feature 1.3- and 2-megapixel CMOS sensors from e2v and Aptina and can capture up to 60fps.

The various monochrome and colour camera models are available with global or rolling shutter, as well as in NIR-optimised variants or the HDTV format. With these cameras Basler’s selection of GigE cameras has grown to more than 30 models, ensuring that the right camera is available for a broad range of applications.

The models with 1.3-megapixel resolution and 60fps are available either with global shutter (acA1300- 60) or a more economical rolling shutter (acA1280-60). There is also an NIR-optimised version (acA1300- 60 NIR).

The 2-megapixel models are

of solar energy installations and wind power systems, and thermographic surveys of buildings and other tall structures where manual inspection would be costly and time-consuming. The ThermoImager TIM

LightWeight consists of a miniature infrared camera (Micro-Epsilon’s ThermoImager TIM 400 or 450

thermal imager) and a miniature, lightweight ‘NetBox mini’ PC. With a total weight of 380g, the company says this two-piece system is the ideal choice for aerial thermography applications. Infrared video recordings can be taken, with the video stored on a microSD storage card in NetBox.

available with 60fps and global shutter (acA1600-60). Basler also offers monochrome and colour variants with 25fps in an HDTV format and with rolling shutter (acA1920-25). The rolling shutter models have an excellent price/performance ratio and open up the use of powerful digital cameras in price-sensitive entry-level markets, such as for monitoring of processes or equipment and for measurement

applications. The new Basler Ace CMOS cameras have low noise levels and high sensitivity. They deliver excellent images, especially for fast-moving applications. These qualities make them perfect for a wide range of applications, including semiconductor and electronics production, traffic applications, solar cell inspection, and the pharmaceutical industry.

The camera is also ideal for solar inspection, for example monitoring laser scribing of thin-film solar cells. Here, the monitoring-system can guide laser scribing in real time with an accuracy of up to 1µm. EyeSpector 1002L offers computing power of 3,200 MIPS and 32MB DRAM, as well as 4MB Flash EPROM for program and data storage. Maximum line rate is 11kHz. The 1002L smart camera is robust and insensitive to vibration. The camera has four inputs and four outputs for direct handling of external components and can be connected to a PLC easily.


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