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with Damian McGillicuddy

Here’s our new agony aunt with a difference: every month, Damian will answer your photography questions

“I’m just getting started with lighting – what do I need to know?”

“When I’m teaching anyone, I say ‘if you’ve got the cash, then it should be spent on education‘ – otherwise you end up with all the gear and no idea.

It’s also hugely

important to get the flash off the camera. If someone asked me to pick the most inappropriate place to stick a flash on a camera, it’d be on top of the pentaprism – people forget that it was designed for journalists to add light to scenes, not to make things look pretty. So an off-camera flash is the best starting place. “As good as TTL (through the lens) light

metering is, it’s still not as accurate as a hand-held incident meter. If you’re serious about flash, you should be measuring your light independently – and once you know how to work it, you can bully the camera’s TTL into doing what you want.”

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Next month Damian’s off to Cyprus with his Olympus kit in hand – wonder what’s going to be in his camera bag? Keep an eye on his blog for the latest information.

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