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Seeing red... (or blue, green, yellow...)

A tremendous way to focus your mind when out taking pictures is by deciding on a colour and only capturing shots that include the colour in some fashion, just as I did here. I concentrated on the colour blue on a photowalk around Brighton. You’ll be surprised where you start spotting potential photos.

The end of the rainbow

The inevitable great British summer means we’ll probably be encountering some rain at some point soon, but don’t lose heart – there’s every chance you might be able to capture the beautiful natural event of a rainbow on camera. If you’re faced with a multi-coloured photo opportunity, try to either capture the entirety of the rainbow’s arc or focus in on the point where the colour meets the land for scale. Sometimes you can capture the arc dropping in front of the landscape for a stained-glass effect.

Break the rules: black & white

If all this colour gets a bit too bright for you, try turning it off and spending some time in the soothing land of monochrome. Sometimes the most vivid subjects – blue skies and white clouds in particular – can look fantastic in black & white. Though many Olympus fans might have been swayed by the arrival of Dramatic Tone, I’m still a Grainy Black and White Art Filter lover at heart. This Art Filter can transform almost any scene into a gritty, drama-filled location and limiting yourself to a single Art Filter for a session can be a fun way to explore your creativity. Try it yourself!

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