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five years, with a win and four total top-10 finishes. What is it about that championship that suits your game? The USGA typically hosts its champi- onships on venues that are very difficult tests of golf. The way it usually sets up the course—narrow fair- ways, significant rough, and fast greens—makes us think our way around the course a whole lot more than the standard events we play week to week. I wish more events would toughen their conditions. •••

What are you working on with your game right now? Because of the injury to my thumb two years ago, my coach and I have been working on a swing change that doesn’t put as much pressure on my left thumb as what I was doing before. It may seem like a subtle thing, but it really isn’t. I’m still going through that swing change, but I know in the long run it’s the right thing to do. •••

The last two years have seen you go without a win. How frustrating has that been for you and what one key do you think will get you into the winner’s circle again? Patience is what I need to keep telling myself. I’m actually hitting the ball way better now than I ever have. My score hasn’t shown it, though, primarily due to my putting, which I’m continually working on. I firmly believe that when I do put four good rounds together, I’m not stopping at just one more victory. •••

What is your best tip for amateurs? First of all, for the aspiring young amateurs

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who want to make this their livelihood, I suggest you always keep this game in perspective. It is the great- est game on earth, and we should have to keep it fun and enjoyable—I have to say that to myself at times! From an instructional standpoint, I think amateurs generally overestimate how far they can hit it. My advice is to take one more club than what you think and then swing easier. It’s amaz- ing how often I’ll see an amateur use an 8-iron (when they think it should be a nine), so they back off on their swing and the ball ends up 10 feet from the hole. •••

Where are your favorite places to play in Northern California? Wow…I have to say Castlewood because I grew up there. Both courses there are terrific. But I love Half Moon Bay, too, where I won the Samsung World Championship a few years ago. I also like Pebble Beach, Spyglass, Olympic and Monterey Peninsula…who wouldn’t love that rotation? ••• Talk about the Olympics in Rio in 2016. Do you hope to represent the U.S. in pursuit of a golf medal? I was glued to the Olympics in July and couldn’t help but fast forward in my mind to what’s in store for 2016. I will work my tail off to get on the team, because I’ve never made it a secret that representing my country is an honor that I cherish to the highest degree. I love the Solheim Cup and I think the Olympics would take it to a whole new level. Winning an Olympic medal would be so special. •••

How did your affinity for pink develop? I’ve always

loved that color ever since I was a young girl. I actually love it more and more every day. It’s hard for me to walk out of the house without some form of pink on, even if it’s an ankle bracelet. I love seeing all the people out at events wearing pink and supporting me. The young girls are so cute and remind me of myself years ago. ••• You are very active on Twitter with more than 100,000 followers. What do you enjoy about using social media to interact with your fans? I think it’s a great way to connect with them. I receive so many notes of encouragement and support. It’s so wonderful to know people are really interested in what I do. If I have a tournament where I haven’t done too well, it’s so uplifting to see so many comments like, “You’ll get ’em next time, Paula. You

keep at it!” That inspires me to work harder. •••

What do you enjoy doing off the golf course? I enjoy be- ing home, actually. I’m on the road so much—and this isn’t a complaint, as I love to trav- el—that when I’m home not competing somewhere, I like to sit with my puppy, Studley, and watch TV or go to the movies or to a restaurant for rest and relaxation. I also love to cook and bake, as it is so relaxing for me. Working out with my trainer, Jon Burke, is also one of the things I enjoy very much. Doing all in one day would be truly an amaz- ing day. •••

What’s one thing your fans don’t know about you? I am a terrible singer. No amount of money will get this girl up on the karaoke stage. No, thank you! •••

What is one word to de- scribe yourself? Driven!

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