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On the cover (right) Hamilton’s Tavern in South Park. Photo: Kristina Yamamoto (left)

Publishers Mike Shess and Ryan Lamb, at Small Bar. Photo: Kristina Yamamoto

Mike Shess Editor / Co-Publisher West Coaster

Cruising Altitude

Mixed Results To all who came to our Launch Party on the night of January 21st – Thank You. The amount of people that came by to wish us well was overwhelming – literally. Many thanks to Hess Brewing for creating the deliciously floral West Coaster/Solis Occasus IPA. In case anyone didn’t notice, the guys at Hess are a bunch of smooth operators with a keen eye for professionalism. Thanks to The South Park Abbey for hosting their biggest event to date. Finally, thanks to my parents, who allowed their home to be transformed into a hostel for the weekend to accommodate all of our out of town friends. To all who were turned away, did not drink our delicious beer, and did not get a glass – our apologies. The fact that friends had to wait in line or were turned away is unacceptable. We are actively working on another event that will have larger capacity and more beer. Please give us another chance as it was our first event. We’re quick learners.

Growing Pains We’ve reached the limit here at West Coaster. Our team does fantastic work, but Co-Publisher Ryan & I accomplish the lion’s share of what needs to be done. We work very hard chasing down stories, writing, selling advertisements, delivering to 80+ locations, updating multiple pages on our website, and keeping our Twitter & Facebook up-to- date. Frankly, this thing blew up in our face and we are in over our heads. We are adding to our team, so expect the masthead to grow a bit in March with new writers and new advertising executives. Between staff additions and distribution increases, we did not expect the overwhelmingly positive response we have received. Please forgive any editorial lapses; we’re only human.

That being said, we could use your help, San Diego. If you’ve got a tip on breaking news, call the West Coast-

er hotline at 619.796.5719. If you run a craft-beer related business, consider us in your advertising budget, as we reach your exact target audience – for more information, email If you know of a beer event not already on our website’s calendar, send it to us – Being two native San Diegans, we want to actively document what is happening in the burgeoning craft beer industry of our hometown – please help us accomplish that goal.

Our p. 11 Directory: PubQuest and West Coaster Collaborate In our previous issues the directory was homely at best. We wanted to give you a resource to find good beer in town, but we didn’t know how. PubQuest has been making beer maps for some time now, so PubQuest’s Julie Wartell & WC’s Ryan Lamb teamed up to make what you see on page 11 (go check it out, I’ll wait). Ryan had the vision and inputted the data. Julie, GIS technician Kevin Highland, and the rest of the PubQuest team then created the cus- tom beer map you see today, and I and stayed the hell out of the way. I think it looks fantastic, but we’re open to constructive criticism. Please let us know what works and what doesn’t work by shooting an email to directory@ Also, be sure to check out our online directory @ It has more locations and an amenities list we’re working on daily.

In Memoriam

This issue is dedicated to my grandmother, Stella Martin Shess. After battling Alzheimer’s for the better part of 15 years, by the time you read this she’s probably done fighting it. She taught me how to be humble, and to love unconditionally. Although far from wealthy her entire life, she would frequently inquire “I wonder what the poor people are doing?” A New Mexico-born Latina swept off her feet by my WWII-Veteran grandfather, she threw caution into the wind by marrying a gringo. By doing this she endured (and then ignored) the clucks and raised eyebrows of her family to raise my father, Thomas Shess Jr. Purse empty, heart full, she single handedly healed an alcoholic husband through love and patience, only to lose him to heart failure ten years later. Moments after Thomas Shess Sr. passed, I came along, Thomas Michael Shess III, and she dedicated so much of her time to spoiling me. I’ll never forget our time together after school at St. Vincent’s in her Mission Hills apartment, eating burnt cookies and looking at books of Scottish castles. Grandma, I love you more than words can communicate.

Un abrazo,

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