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Beer and Loathing in February J

ust the other day I was shopping when it hit me: “Crap, Valentine’s Day is coming.” I realized this as I dodged a tantruming toddler in the aisle stocked with pink plastic hearts. She was causing a scene. Her father resembled To- bias Funke and kept saying, “You won’t get your way by whining.” His daughter ignored him as I silently agreed. Thinking back, my incessant Valentine-whine has gotten me nowhere. Every February 14th the holiday insists on being celebrated. And, every February 14th, I find myself painfully aware of being single. As children, we carelessly exchanged cards and candy . As teenagers, we either a) awkwardly gave or b) awkwardly re- ceived well-intended love tokens. But, as most pubescent experiences, these tokens left us emotionally scarred. As adults, we are divided into two camps: the haters or the appreciators. Which leads me to believe it may very well be the single best day for beer.

Beer appeals to both camps. For hat- ers, it can erase the memory of all living

ex’s. It can help find humor in only receiving a Valentine from your father (not that I would know). Beer can also keep you warm at night in place of a sig- nificant other. Beer, the great chameleon, does just as much for appreciators. Beer is an ice-breaker for first dates, liquid courage for popping the question, and a great pairing to a romantic dinner. February makes all the happy couples around me pop up like gophers in my loveless garden. One such couple met at my bar. He was a regular. Order- ing beers no less than 7%, his arm easily twisted by anything barrel-aged, his bachelordom betrayed by mismatched socks and untucked shirttails. She was a newbie with strawberry hair and the prettiest face. Maybe it was her good looks or maybe it was the imperial porter she was drinking, but his attention was caught. With courage kicked in by a couple IPAs, he approached her. One thing led to another and now the two are seldom seen without each other. If the rule is “Don’t meet someone at a bar,”

Churchill’s Pub & Grille C

By Ryan Lamb

hurchill’s knows beer. With three certified beer servers currently on staff and Cicerone

Dave Adams as beverage coordinator, craft beer lovers have come to expect high quality-service from the legendary pub & grille. Nestled on San Marcos Blvd. within striking distance of major breweries along the 78, March 5th will see Churchill’s celebrating the two-year anniversary of their tap system rehaul, which now boasts 50 taps, 3 of which are nitro, and 2 casks. Stunning tap han-

dles created by Liquid Glass Co. sparkle under LED lights while newly-plated glass rinsers & flow-regulated rotary faucets transform the science of beer-pouring into an art. Behind the curtain, a refrigerated shipping container houses upwards of 100 kegs and countless bottles. Some time in the first quarter of 2011, Churchill’s will be welcoming Firestone Walker for another of their famous beer & food pair- ings, check back to event-calendar/ for more information.

then this couple is the exception. Then again, who hasn’t met some- one at a bar? Or at least tried? Last spring, I won a hosted bar at a new downtown hotspot. This meant two things: I was getting inebriated and some bartender was getting over-tipped. And there he was, in all his amazing mustached glory. My own Wyatt Earp for the night. 2 hours and 50 dollars later, I had the chutzpah to write my number on a bar napkin – original, I know. It said, “Add this to the collec- tion.” He never called.

This was before my beermaiding be- gan. Before I was the one being slipped beer napkins, coasters, and business cards scribbled with drunken penman- ship. Before I came up with the phrase, “The more beer you drink, the prettier I become.” Something about alcohol makes people ready for love. Which brings me back to my point: Febru- ary 14th ought to be renamed “Beer Appreciation Day.” Whether a hater or appreciator, this Valentine’s Day I hope

West Coaster couple Kayla Coleman, contrib- uting photographer, and Sam Tierney, staff writer, appreciating Pizza Port Solana Beach

you grab a pint, clink your glass, and say, “Here’s to love!”

– The Nameless Beermaid

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Liquid Glass Co. tap handles at Churchill’s

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