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A Navy News advertorial feature

Truro High School is flying high

THE year 2010 has been another important year for Truro High School for Girls with the celebration of its 130th anniversary and a

Stability for Service familes at QVS

QUEEN Victoria School (QVS) is a non-academically selective, fully boarding, co-educational school for the children of Armed Forces personnel who are Scottish or who have served in Scotland (pictured above).

A small parental contribution

(currently around £1,100 a year) is levied, but there are no fees. In cases of need, the parental

contribution can sometimes be paid by one of the Services’ Benevolent Funds or similar. Entry to QVS is decided on the basis of need.

The reason for existing is to

provide continuity and stability of education for children who would otherwise be moved around the country, and perhaps the world, several times in the course of their school careers, as a result of their serving parent’s postings. The school is also tasked by the Ministry of Defence with providing for those families who could not otherwise afford boarding education.

Children can come to QVS from Primary 7, around the age of

ten and a half, and this is the main point of entry: this is where most places are available. A very happy and impressive Grand Day Parade recently brought to a conclusion another academic year of hard work and success – in the classroom, on the games fields and in the CCF, Pipe Band and Dancing Team, not to mention the many extra-curricular activities enjoyed by QVS pupils. Because all QVS entrants are the children of serving personnel, there is a very special kind of support provided by them for one another. Nowadays, when many parents are on unaccompanied tours,


is particularly reassuring to the children and to their families to know that they are not unusual here. Everyone knows what it is like to be part of a Service family. Several staff have Service

experience too, and all are committed to the unique requirement of looking after Services children in a fully boarding environment.

string of further successes. In February, an Ofsted inspection report confirmed the outstanding level of boarding facilities at the school. Boarders, it said, enjoy an “excellent system of pastoral care”, “high quality, well appointed, safe and secure boarding accommodation” and “excellent sporting, study and recreational features.”

Thanks to first-class teaching and small class sizes, Truro High is frequently top of the Cornwall league tables and is in the top 200 of all schools nationally for GCSE results. “We create an environment

tailored to girls, one that encourages their desire to learn and which fosters an increasing confidence in their own judgement and risk taking,” said headmistress Caroline Pascoe. “We have a very strong work ethic and a committed, dedicated staff who have the experience and expertise needed to bring out the very best in everyone.”

With work comes play and this year has seen a multitude of fun activities and trips.

Anniversary celebrations included hosting some special guests – including the crew of an 849 Naval Air Squadron helicopter who landed on the

school’s sports field.

Other highlights have been the school’s participation in the 50th Ten Tors event and a month-long expedition to the foothills of the Himalayas, led by the headmistress, which resulted in the 20 girls who went all achieving their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards. “We spent almost a week in a village school in Burua helping to decorate it and then set off on a 12-day trek through the Spiti Valley on the Tibetan border,” said Mrs Pascoe, a former British Olympic rower.

“It was a wonderful way of

learning about different cultures and lifestyles.” For more information about

Truro High School, visit www., call 01872 272830 or email admin@ to organise a taster day or tour.

The school is running an Open

Morning on Saturday October 16 at 9.30am to 11am, and 10.30am to midday.

● A Sea King and its crew from 849 Naval Air Squadron visit Truro High School

Raising to Distinction

Queen Victoria School

The Royal Hospital School provides exceptional academic and extra-curricular education for boys and girls aged 11 to 18 years.

Morning Open

Saturday 2nd October 2010 at 9am

Academic, Music, Art, Sailing and Sports Scholarships.

Generous discounts for Service Families. Means-tested Seafaring Bursaries.

For more information visit

or contact Susan Lewis on 01473 326210 or email

Queen Victoria School Dunblane Perthshire FK15 0JY

Open Morning Sat 18 September 2010

QVS is a co-educational boarding school for children of Armed Forces personnel who are Scottish, have served in Scotland or are part of a Scottish regiment.

Families are welcome to find out more at our Open Morning, or by contacting Admissions on +44 (0) 131 310 2927 to arrange a visit.

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