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3 Troop, Alpha Company 40 Commando serving as part of Combined Force Sangin killed in Afghanistan August 1. Aged 25.

Marine Adam Brown RM. Signaller with

KBE. Joined the RN College at Dartmouth two days before the outbreak of World War 2 and cruiser Norfolk on Boxing Day 1943 where at the age of 17 his action station was in the gunnery director tower when he was involved in the battle that ended with the sinking of Scharnhorst. His statutory ‘small ship time’ was spent in the auxiliary trawler Ben Torc, fi tted as a minesweeper. After a spell in HMS Devonshire and Opportune he joined the submarine service and by 1945 was en route to the Pacifi c for two years in Tally Ho; then the Anchorite. Promoted to 2iC of Tireless and later a ‘teacher’ of the submarine captains’ qualifying course. In 1962 appointed captain of the new frigate Leander, developing her helicopter operations; then as naval assistant to the Controller of the Navy, command of the submarine depot ship Forth (in Mombasa to support the evacuation from Aden) and the 7th Submarine Squadron at Singapore. He commanded Bulwark and learnt to fl y a helicopter. Promoted to rear admiral in 1973 he went to Washington in charge of the British Naval Staff to further Anglo-American relations then promoted vice admiral and appointed KBE in 1977. Due to retire in 1978 he was selected to lead the NATO Defence College in Rome as its commandant for three years. After fi nally retiring he spent nine years as chairman of the Sea Cadet Council and was vice-president of the Trincomalee Trust. July 3. Aged 84. Cdr Mike Crosley DSC*. FAA Pilot.

Vice Admiral Sir Lancelot Bell Davies

Far East in 1944. In 1945 from Victorious he attacked oil refi neries in Indonesia, and was awarded the DSO. Subsequently as leader of 849 and 820 Squadrons from Indefatigable he was involved in air strikes on the Sakashima Gunto islands and Formosa (Operation Iceberg) for which he was awarded a Bar to his DSC. He was the author of 100 Heroes of Golf (1988) and Wings Over the Sea (1990). June 4. Aged 90.

York Sea Cadets 43 years. York RNA, FAA Association and HMS Venerable Association. June 5. Aged 84. Carl Crawford. Cook. Served 1945-48 at Royal Arthur and Indefatigable. Committee member North Manchester branch for many years. Aged 81.

Lt Cdr Michael ‘Jim’ Wastie. Joined at 16 and served 1950-87 in Vanguard, St Vincent, Concord, Carysfort and Ursa before training as a PTI; he played rugby for several years. Commissioned 1970 and appointed to RNAS Culdrose, Nelson, Drake, Temeraire and Cochrane. July 19. Aged 75. Frank David Dillon-Boylan. Boy Seaman. Joined Ganges 1946 and transferred to HMS Bruce 1947 then served HMS Vanguard leaving the Service 1948 on medical grounds. HMS Bruce Association. June 26. Aged 80. J A G ‘Jack’ Cranley. LTO (LRO(T)). Joined Ganges 1955. Served in Mounts Bay, Drake, Lynx, President, Acute, Mercury, Bulwark, Sea Eagle, Messina and Victory. May 12. Aged 71. Carole Butler. HMS Sparrow Association.

on LCTs 1090, 2222 and MMU24 (an LC). Dartford branch. July 14. Aged 85. Philip Wardley. Served RN and also 1st Mate in the Merchant Navy. Dartford branch. May 24. Aged 79.

Volunteered 1940, fl ew in many operations: in a Sea Hurricane off Eagle during the relief of Malta in 1942 (Operation Harpoon), and he survived her sinking. He then joined 800 NAS fl ying from Biter during the allied landings in North Africa (Operation Torch) and received his fi rst DSC for shooting down two Vichy French fi ghters over La Senia, near Oran. Appointed as senior pilot of 804 NAS in Dasher he then taught new fi ghter pilots at Dipper, near Yeovilton, where he fl ew the Seafi re. By D-Day he had joined 886 NAS, fl ying several sorties a day before taking command of 880 NAS based in Orkney, embarked in Implacable and carried out a series of attacks on German shipping in the fjords of Norway; then in the Pacifi c striking at the Japanese mainland. Mentioned in despatches and in August 1945 received a Bar to his DSC. Post-war he left the Navy to test Short’s fl ying boats in Belfast but on the outbreak of the Korean War he rejoined the Navy helping to train new pilots and fl ew 75 missions over Korea from the carrier Ocean. He wrote pilots’ notes for aircraft that he fl ew to their limits and was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Services in the Air. In 1954-55 he was CO of 813 NAS fl ying the Wyvern from the new Eagle and in 1958 he was promoted and returned to test-fl ying at Boscombe Down, making the fi rst deck landings of the Buccaneer low-level bomber. He retired in 1970 aged 50. He logged 2,818 fl ying hours in 147 different types of aircraft and made 415 deck landings. Throughout the war he kept extensive diaries, on which he based two books: They Gave Me a Seafi re (1986) and In Harm’s Way (1995). Member of the former Isle of Wight branch FAA Association. June 20. Aged 90. Lt Cdr David Foster DSO, DSC*. Joining the RNVR when war broke out he volunteered for FAA but was not called as a naval airman 2nd class until 1940 then appointed to 821 NAS in 1942 fl ying Fairey Albacore torpedo- bombers in North Africa, carrying out night sorties to mark German tanks and supply vehicles for attack by Wellington bombers of the Desert Air Force. At Malta he was appointed fl ight commander for torpedo attacks on Axis convoys where he developed a new tactic: one aircraft of three would illuminate an enemy ship with fl ares while the others would attack with torpedoes; if the ship was not sunk then the fi rst aircraft would dive-bomb the target; he was mentioned in despatches July 1942 and awarded his fi rst DSC in November. He spent fi ve months in 841 NAS fl ying Albacores against German E-boats in the English Channel then CO of 849 NAS when it embarked in Rajah for the

July 25. Fred Parnell. CH M(E). Served 1939- 71 in Renown, LSTs 12 and 19, St Angelo, Wilton, Drake, Holmsdale, Vanguard, Ocean, Messina, Raleigh, Narvik, Anzio, Royal Arthur, Magicienne, Consort, Tiger, Dampier and Fisgard. Received a commendation from the Commander, Task Force Grapple 1958 (British nuclear tests at Christmas Island) and awarded the BEM 1970 for exemplary service to the RN. HMS Consort Association and the Tavistock branch Royal British Legion. July 18. Aged 89. James Cameron. AB. Served Rowena. Algerines Association. April 4. Aged 82. Bob Palmer. Sto. Served Clinton. Algerines Association. August 8. John ‘Spegal’ Spicer. CPO(GI). Served 1935-60 in Penn, Paladin, Lightning, Delight and as an instructor at Ganges. July 26. Aged 89.

Les Hossack RM. Beccles branch. July 15. Aged 86.

Leonard ‘Len’ John Stanton. Entered Ganges 1949 and served 10 years in Vanguard, Loch Tralaig, Victory, Comus, Bellerophon and Concord. Past chairman and vice chairman Colchester RNA. April 14. Aged 75.


Ronald Leighton. AM(A)1. Served 1945- 47 in Theseus and Glory. Redcar & District RNA. July 19. Aged 80. John Dinnewell. AB Seaman Gunner (FCA/2). Joined St Vincent 1954 as Boy Seaman and served in Defender, Redpole, Cavalier and Excellent. Received the Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal for services to the Malaysian Government 1957-66. Wetherby RNA, HMS Cavalier Association and 8th Destroyer Association (China Station). July 25. Aged 72.

Lionel Crossley. AM(A). Served 1945- 47 in Venerable. Instructor and CPO with

Stanley F Lawrence. RN and RCN. Served in Warspite, Cumberland and Resolution also HMCS Micmac, St Laurent and Hudson. Life member Beccles branch. July 19. Aged 93. Joseph Kelly. FAA. Served 1944-46 in 888 Naval Air Squadron. Wolverhampton branch. July 13. Aged 85. Stan Foulsham. PO REM. Served 1948- 55. Joined from the Sea Cadets to Royal Arthur then Collingwood, Whitesand Bay (Korean War and Malayan Campaign), Bramble (Baltic) and Flowerdown receiving station (RN transmitters). Vice president and life member Hanworth branch. June 19. Aged 79.

John Isherwood. Served 1956-80 in Roebuck, Lagos, Shalford, Scorpion, Aurora, Aisne, Bacchante, Flintham, Grenville, Blake and Newcastle. Aquitaine branch. July 20 Perigueux, France. Aged 69. John William ‘Tug’ Wilson. CPO M(E) Chief Stoker and submariner. Served 1947- 69 at Dolphin, Tiptoe, Tradewind, Sanguine, Auriga, Solent, Acheron, Telemachus, Teredo, Adamant, Andrew, Opossum, Maidstone, Pembroke and Royal Arthur. Treasurer of Portsmouth RNA and recent life member of Portsmouth Submariners’ Association. July 16. Aged 81.

SUBMARINERS ASSOCIATION C ‘Chris’ Breeze. CPO SA. Submarine Service 1972-87 in Repulse, Churchill, Cachalot, Spartan and Renown. Barrow branch. Aged 63.

Charles Le Clere. L/Writer. Served 1954-66 in Seahawk, Blackcap,Tiger and RNAS Eglinton. Committee member North Manchester branch and chairman of social committee for many years. Aged 73. Marine William Taylor RM. Served 1939-53 in Penelope, Neptune, Hannibal and Collingwood. Affectionately known as a ‘Sea-going Pongo’. Dartford branch. July 16. Aged 89. Alfred Dane. LWM. Served 1943-46


HMS Sparrow Reunion takes place at the Royal Maritime Club, Portsmouth from September 21 to 23. Contact Geoff Middleton on 01562 700689.

Mauritius Veterans: Reunion for all those who served at HMS Mauritius (shore base) in the 1960s and 1970s. This will be held on October 9 in the WO & SR Mess, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth. If you are interested in attending, please contact Tina Lowe at or tel: 01329 843347.


Capt J E ‘John’ Moore. Submarine service 1944-72 in Trident, Rover, Vigorous, U994, Trenchant, Tradewind, Totem (CO), Alaric (CO) and Tactician (CO). Sussex branch. Aged 88. P R ‘Phill’ Poole. AB RP3. Submarine service 1942-45 in Stoic. Brierley Hill branch. Aged 85.

B L ‘Ben’ Skeates. PO Tel. Submarine service 1940-47 in Ursula, Upright, Utmost, P311, Stratagem, Stygian, Tally-Ho and Regent. Barrow branch. Aged 91.

board 1944-46. Aged 85. Gordon Hill. Chef. Served on board 1945- 47. Aged 83.

Rutherford. Farnham May 9. E J Sharp. Served LCT 858. Worthing

May 23.

Firth. Telford June. Alan Rolls. Served LSTs 325 and 3514.

Torquay June 23. H M Cowen. Served LCT 558. Sandown, IOW July 20.

FLEET AIR ARM ASSOCIATION Alan ‘Doc’ Halliday. CEL(Air). Served 1950- 72 in Collingwood, Ariel, Seahawk, Theseus, Daedalus, Gamecock, Heron, Albion, Ariel II, Boscombe Down, Royal Arthur, Condor, Fulmar, Hermes and Goldcrest where he received his chief’s buttons 1970; Squadrons 809 Sea Venom, 803 Scimitar and 893 Sea Vixen. Membership secretary of the Nautical Club Birmingham for 15 years and in 2005 became its Secretary.

of the FAA Association and in 1981 became one of the founder members of the National Fleet Air Arm Association; and was National Secretary for many years. May 3. Aged 88. Ernest Coulthard. AM1. Served 1943-46 RAF Hednesford, Kestrel, Pintail, Heron and Peregrine. Daedalus branch. May 26. Stanley Filmer. POAF(E). Served 1939-46 Essex branch. January 21. Arthur Hawker. L/Wireman. Served 1944- 46. Birmingham branch. July 7. Lt Sidney Hayes. Served 1937-46. Former member of Hanworth branch. July. Ronald Hibbs. POA (TAG). Served 1943-

RNATE, Daedalus II. Solent branch. February 19.

Bournemouth & District branch. Victor Miller. POAF(A). Served 1940-46. Bristol & District branch. February. Peter Smith. CAF(AE). Served 1946-68 in

Excalibur, Kestrel, Fulmar, Gannet (15 CAG), Vengeance (15 CAG), Gamecock, Simbang, Daedalus, Ariel, (800 Scimitar Squadron). Daedalus branch. February 28. Aged 81. John Shearsmith. AMN1(AE). Served 1961-83. Solent branch. July 14.

Kenneth Lowe. LAF(O). Served 1943-46.

49. Bournemouth & District. April 2. Maurice Kemp. Served 1943-67. Fisgard

Birmingham branch C R Ingham. Served LCT 7087 and Moray

LST & LANDING CRAFT ASSOCIATION M E Plowman. Served LCT(E) 119 and Base Mobile Unit 35036. Doncaster May. R R Radford. Served LST 358 and

board 1944-46. Aged 84. Leonard Walkeden. Seaman. Served on

HMS DUKE OF YORK ASSOCIATION David Campbell Jeffrey RM. Served on

HMS Grafton Reunion (1997-2006): October 16 at the Courtyard Bar, Derby. Contacts for the event are Lynne Davidson at or tel: 07807 889129 and Stan Matthews at or tel: 07545 265145.

for offi cers and warrant offi cers on Thursday November 4, 6:30-8:30pm. Serving and retired offi cers and warrant offi cers who have been part of the carrier’s complement are eligible to attend. Tickets cost £10 each, and are limited to six per applicant. Each attendee may be accompanied by one guest. Dress is 1C (negative medals) for serving personnel and suit and tie for civilians. Deadline for applications is October 1 and numbers are limited to 600. Cheques payable to Central

Ask Jack

Live Wire – The magazine of the Electrical Department: This magazine was produced back in the 1950s and 1960s and embraced stories, articles, reports and other interesting snippets about the Electrical Branch throughout the Royal Navy. Reports and photographs of the department on various ships at the time such as Newcastle, Gambia, Eagle, just a few from the copies we have. The Royal Naval Electrical Branch Association is looking for more copies for their collection and extracts for future newsletters. Do you have any stowed away you are prepared to donate to the association? Sippers, Gulpers, no dammit another tot at the next reunion to anyone who sends copies to Mike Crowe, RNEBA, 7 Heath Road, Lake, Sandown, Isle of Wight. PO36 8PG. We like our Tot, check out the welcome to new members at the HMS Collingwood Open Day at http:// Membership form there as well.

are seeking information regarding the whereabouts of ERA Bob Killingley and any other crew members we have lost contact with over the years. Please contact the secretary Peter ‘Florrie’ Ford, 7 Van Diemans Pass, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 7QD or tel: 01268 696625.

HMS Dreadnought Association: We

brother in Kingston-on-Thames when we fi rst met in 1949. I know the faces of the others but have forgotten their names. If you were at Simbang during this time and remember me, contact me at Apt 7, The Point, Pinesong, 66 Avoneigh Road, Green Bay, Waitakere, 0604. New Zealand. LCI(L)209: My father, Charles Bernhard Cyril Cooper, known to his friends as Bern, joined the Royal Navy halfway through WW2, transferring from the Met, in London and ended up training in Dartmouth College. He was the Jimmy on LCI(L)209 and went to India and returned. He also participated in the Dunkirk evacuations. Does anyone know of this vessel or serve with my father during this period. Contact Roger Cooper at or write to 21 Fleet Street, Holbrook, NSW 2644, Australia. Gordon Richards Smith: Born 1940

Ark Royal 25th birthday: Cocktail party NOVEMBER 2010

The Cutters Association: Reunion is on September 15 at The Bull Hotel, Westgate, Peterborough, PE1 1RB. This is the annual reunion lunch which runs from 1200 until the stories run out! New guests are always welcome. Details from Ethna Cooke at or tel: 01322 660369.


Fund, HMS Ark Royal and sent to Lt Pete Davis, Silver Jubilee Ball Offi cer, HMS Ark Royal, BFPO 212. Serving personnel should see RNTM 154/10. Ton Class Association: Pre Christmas Lunch party, in the High Wycombe area on November 27 at 1200 for 1300 lunch. All members and their ladies are welcome. Grand Raffl e in aid of the welfare fund. Places are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment. Contact Edward Freathy at or tel: 01628 523711.

DURING 2011 Portsmouth Command Field Gunners

and Staff 1981: It is intended to hold a 30 Year Reunion Dinner in 2011 for all Field Gunners and Staff of 1981. For more details contact Rob ‘Brum’ Wyatt at robdon.wyatt@ or tel: 023 9235 6868.

APRIL 2011 HMS Hermes Association: Annual

reunion to be held at the Bosworth Hall Hotel, Market Bosworth from April 7 to 11. All ranks, ratings, all commissions welcome. Contact Richard Tipping at richard.tipping@ or tel: 01752 787697 for details.

HMS Duke of York Association: Mini

reunion will be held at the Stretton Hotel, Blackpool from April 15 to 18. Details from the Secretary, Rose Cottage, 103 Orchard Park, Elton, Chester. CH2 4NQ or tel: 01928 725175.

MAY 2011

HMS Glasgow (C21/D88): 31st reunion will take place at the Queens Hotel, Paignton from May 6 to 9. All ex-crew are welcome. Details from Gary Eaton, 10 Elderwood Avenue, Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancs. FY5 5EQ. Veterans Agency: 0800 169 2277, www. Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity: 023 9254 8076, RNBT: 023 9269 0112 (general), 023 9266 0296 (grants), British Legion: 08457 725725, www.

4374, Seafarers UK: 020 7932 0000, www.

Naval Families Federation: 023 9265 SSAFA Forces Help: 0845 1300 975, RN Community: Medals enquiries: 0800 085 3600 Royal Naval Museum: 023 9272 7562, Fleet Air Arm Museum: 01935 840565,

www.fl Royal Marines Museum: 023 9281 9385,

6565, Imperial War Museum: 020 7416 5320,

National Maritime Museum: 020 8312 RN Submarine Museum: 023 9252 9217,

227912, Royal Naval Association: 023 9272 3823,

RN and RM Service records: 01283 Royal Navy recruitment: 0845 607 5555,

Ministry of Defence: 0870 607 4455,

Sports lottery

£1,500 – ETWE D P Chidlow; £500 – AB2 G P J Smith. August 1: VW Polo – AET A D Richmond;

July 24: £5,000 – OC P D Clouting;

£1,500 – Cdr J M Worthington; £500 – CPO R J G Knaggs. August 7: £5,000 – Mne R A Fleming; £1,500 – OM F A Foster; £500 – Cdr C J Saxby.

Contact sheet


Gordon, who was in the Royal Navy for several years during WW2 and after. The last time I saw him, he was living in East Molsey. If anyone knows where he is contact Mrs Florence Chant (née Bennett) at or tel: 01843 228223.

HMS Lamerton L88: My father Frederick Martin served on this ship, a Hunt-class destroyer 1941-46. I would like to hear from any person who may remember my father, also any relatives of people who served on the ship at the same time. Contact Tony Martin on 01273 493924. Gordon Bennett: Looking for my cousin,

Black Cap (Ratings Lid): When you next open your old sea-chest for a spring-clean and wonder ‘do I really want that old Black Cap anymore?’ – well, don’t throw it over the side, give it a good home where it will be well cared for. I have searched for said object for some time now, but due to ill-health can no longer do so. If someone somewhere would like to make an ex-matelot happy, contact Keith Sowerby, 17 Grampian Way, Chilton, Co. Durham. DL17 0QF or tel: 01388 722063.

Trophy 23,533, a gold wire cap ribbon from the former Seabed Operations Vessel HMS Challenger, is unique in that, in the entire history of the Royal Navy, it is the only one to have been into outer space.

It was carried into space by the American space shuttle Challenger on its maiden flight in April 1983; sadly the shuttle was destroyed on 28 January 1986 when it exploded 73 seconds after lift-off killing all seven of its crew. A previous HMS Challenger – a second class cruiser – was one of several ships used in the early years of World War 1 to blockade Dar- es-Salaam, the capital of German East Africa. The Germans had built a dockyard and wireless station there with the intention that, in the event of war, it could be used by their own cruisers as a base and coaling point in between their raids against merchant ships.

war was declared she was a thousand miles away in the Indian Ocean, having evaded the British Cape Squadron’s three cruisers. After a successful raiding cruise Königsberg sank the cruiser HMS Pegasus off Zanzibar on September 20 1914 and subsequently sought refuge in the delta of the Rufiji River – 100 miles from Dar-es-Salaam – with the intention of overhauling her machinery.

whereabouts, the British were able to fire on her and sank a blockship in the river mouth; with escape impossible Königsberg moved further up stream – she was finally destroyed on July 11 1915 although her guns were later salvaged and used ashore.

In the summer of 1914 the German cruiser Königsberg arrived at Dar-es-Salaam; when

not actively involved in the sinking of the Königsberg she remained on the East Africa station for the remainder of the war, and was involved in both the bombardment of Dar-es- Salaam on June 13 1916 and its capture on September 4 1916.

Although Challenger was Informed of her

pals from the FAA, and have placed a photograph of all of us in 1955 at HMS Simbang, Singapore on the Navy News website at WhereAreYouNow.aspx second page. I am Bernard Morrison and can also remember Fred Martin (Scouse) who lived with his

Fleet Air Arm 1949-57: Seeking Navy Assignments

Squadron RM as CO from November 15. Capt M P Wareham to be promoted Commodore to be Naval Base Commander Clyde from December. Hon Cdre the Right Hon the Lord Sterling of Plaistow RNR to be promoted Honorary Rear Admiral Royal Naval Reserve on August 1. The Reverend S J Brown QHC to be

Lt Col Michael P Roddy to 539 Assault

Edinburgh died Chislehurst Kent 2001. Lived in Nazareth House Aberdeen as a child. Served RN during the 1960s. Anyone who served with Gordon or remembers him kindly contact: Kay Morgan at or tel: 01704 518963. RNAS Culdrose: Seeking a Naval Offi cer, Michael Ian Burnett, who in the 1960s was a lieutenant, stationed at Culdrose and living at Hillside, Mullion with his wife June (née Wesson) and children Alison, Suzanne and Olivia. At that time my father, Frederick Blakeley, worked at the base and as he was a cabinet maker, sometimes repaired furniture for the offi cers. When my mother’s house was cleared recently, I found a large packet of personal memorabilia (photographs, letters, cards and certifi cates) and I can only think that they were removed from a piece of furniture which my father was repairing and were accidentally not replaced. I would love to return them to the family and would be most grateful if anyone can help me fi nd them. Contact Mrs Jean Merrick on 01395 578123.

HMS Nubian 1964-66: I have lost touch with ex-communicator Graham ‘Nolly’ Rowlands, last heard of residing in Llanfechell, Anglesey. I am also still looking for Pete ‘Taff’ Price, and Paul ‘Brummy’ Williams, also ex comms. If anyone can help would they please contact me, Dave Millward at davem.sparks131@blueyonder. or tel: 01622 729692. HMS Hood: I would like to fi nd the Terry

promoted Chaplain of the Fleet and to be Director General Naval Chaplaincy from November 1. The Reverend M G Poll to be appointed Honorary Chaplain to Her Majesty The Queen on November 1 and to be Principal Anglican Chaplain and Archdeacon for the Royal Navy from November 1.

Talking Navy News goes digital

Navy News is available free of charge as a digital file on memory stick or email from Portsmouth Area Talking News for those with difficulty reading normal type. Contact 023 9269 0851 and leave a message with a contact number, or email patn-rec@hotmail. com. A speaker that will take a USB plug is required but this can be obtained from the Talking News, or the file can be played back through a computer.

Please call 023 9272 6284 for details or email:

family from the Portsmouth area. I was only 11 when the Hood went down in 1941 and can remember my mother and uncle being so sad at the tragic loss of life. The sailor that we lost was Gordon Terry, his father was Victor Terry. I am now 80 years old and my son takes me to Boldre Church, which is always full, every year for the Hood Remembrance Service. If anyone knows of the Terry family could they contact me, Mrs L Connor, 5 Arundel Road, Totton, Southampton, Hants, SO40 3BJ.

stepbrother David Mercer, originally from Liverpool. He has two children, Emma Kate and Ian Anderson. Dave served on the Ark Royal during the Falklands War. His birthday is approx March 15 and he will be about 63 years of age now. His dad died many years ago and his name was Harry Mercer. My mum, his stepmum, is 85 and has moved house several times since she last saw him. She would love to make contact with him, considering her age and not brilliant health it would be good if this could be sooner rather than later. Please contact Bev Williams (née Clare) at or tel: 01773 605247.

PO David Mercer: Seeking my

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