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34 NAVY NEWS, AUGUST 2010 News and information for serving personnel

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THE Armed Forces community has enjoyed a higher profile over the last few months, with the nationwide celebration of Armed Forces Day in June and heavy press coverage concerning the future of defence and the Budget, writes Emma Prince of the Naval

David Cameron acknowledged the “enormous debt that we owe to our Armed Services”. In the midst of all this coverage the NFF’s

Families Federation. On the eve of Armed Forces Day, Prime Minister

aspiration remains the same: to voice the concerns and experiences of Royal Naval and Royal Marines’ families, whether they are partners, children, parents or spouse... To ensure we are kept up to date with

current topics of concern the NFF has had a busy summer meeting personnel and families. Over the last month we have

travelled around the country to attend an admin day for HMS Montrose and families days for HMS Westminster, HMS Kent,

● The smartboard in use at the Defence Maritime Logistics School at HMS Raleigh

gets smarter at Raleigh


A SULTRY Friday afternoon in Cornwall.

No air in the classroom. The seat’s uncomfortable. The lecturer has a voice so dull

that it would put Father Stone or Reverend Lovejoy to sleep. We’re now on slide 37 of 64 of

a PowerPoint presentation about the art of potato peeling. There’s got to be a better way of teaching than this… Well, according to the team

at the Royal Navy’s school of logistics at HMS Raleigh, there is… as 300 trainee writers, stores accountants, chefs and stewards (as they are now known once more) are finding. There’s now a dozen ‘smart’ classrooms (the name comes from the firm which devised the technology) at the Torpoint establishment to help logisticians through their training – and to make it easier for tutors to monitor their progress.

It is some time since the Navy

News team were at school. Back then blackboards, text

books, dodgy Banda copies – like a photocopier but (a) not as good and (b) normally on brightly- coloured paper – were the order of the day, while computers were the size of a fridge and used for simple programming:


IS FAT 20 GO TO 10 Things have moved on a bit in

two decades… In simplistic terms, a smartboard is a computerised blackboard/ overhead projector – with a huge touch screen. Using special ‘pens’ you can

write on the screen (in different- coloured ‘inks’), circle or underline important sections of a document, scribble answers and so on. Students also have


responders’ – it looks like a mobile phone/TV remote control and allows them to answer multiple- choice/yes-no questions (a bit like ‘ask the audience’ on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?) or complete sums.

And for brainstorming sessions,

sailors can write their thoughts and ideas.

A press of a button and it’s all

saved; no longer does a student scribble frantically, struggling to keep up with the teacher before the next slide appears. Just for good measure, the smart training programme records the trainees’ responses, so tutors can follow their progress throughout the course. Raleigh’s not invested in this kit simply because it’s cool and Gucci.

There are sound scientific and

educational reasons for investing in this smart technology (the revamped training has been devised in conjunction with cognitive psychologist Dr Adrian Banks from the University of Surrey who’s keeping a close eye on the results). “If I give you a list, you will remember probably no more than seven things,” says Lt Stefan Gershater who’s overseen the classroom transformation. “Use interaction – it’s a good thing – and you’ll remember far more.

“Smart boards are sexy, but although they look like a big toy, there’s a very good reason we’re using them.” Indeed. The faster the sailors

learn and the less admin and paperwork the tutors are saddled with, the more efficient training becomes – very important in these austere times. “Sailors have joined a technically-advanced Service,” explains logistics school commander Cdr Nick Dodd. “We have to be at least as good as schools – but we’re not a college of further education. Our aim is producing trained sailors for the Fleet.

“There’s only one way to peel

a potato, but there are different ways of teaching how you do it.” And good as smartboards are,

well there’s a place for whiteboards, notepads, photocopies. Even those slide presentations. So no end to ‘death by PowerPoint’ just yet…

Picture; Dave Sherfield

RAF Shawbury and at Royal Marine Poole. We have also given briefings to HMS Diamond, HMS Gloucester and HMS Daring and visited Crossley Community Centre and the Cockleshell Community Centre, with many more visits planned. These events allow us to talk face-to-face

HMS Gloucester,

our schools, hospitals, transport systems and other public services are the best people to comment on how to get more out of our services, while tackling the country’s record deficit. Ideas could be small-scale, but quick and easy to implement, or more radical, involving significant changes to the infrastructure.

All ideas will be considered by a cross-government team and the best ones taken forward to departments, the Treasury and the Cabinet Office before being reviewed by Ministers. The exercise is designed to feed into the

Government’s 2010 Spending Review, which will be announced in October.

The Spending Challenge ran until the end of July. ■ Access to Healthcare

The NFF has been contacted by the editor of the NHS website, NHS Choices.

attention a new section that is dedicated to Service personnel and their access to healthcare, both home and abroad.

to families and personnel, getting a real flavour for hot topics. We need to know about your issues and experiences to effectively represent you – so if you have a concern please get in touch. In between meeting many wonderful families this summer we have also taken the time to round up some information that will be of interest to you:

■ Pay Information A pay freeze for public sector workers has been announced in the Coalition Government’s Budget. The two-year pay freeze affects any public sector

health, and healthcare for veterans. The information on the site has been verified by the NHS and the MOD. To see what the site has to offer visit:

employee earning more than £21,000 a year. The MOD has announced that around three-

■ Tickets for Troops Tickets For Troops is a charity dedicated to offering free tickets for big events to Service personnel and their families. They have recently announced a bumper giveaway of free tickets to major sporting events, theatre performances, music concerts, theme parks and cultural attractions throughout the country. Tickets For Troops was set up last year and so

quarters of Service personnel (140,000) will be affected by the decision. Anyone on a pay level of £21,000 or less per year (before tax) will receive at least a £250 pay increase in any ‘freeze’ year. Andrew Robathan MP, Minister for Defence

Personnel, Welfare and Veterans, has commented on the matter stating that “most Service personnel” will still receive an annual increase in pay due to routine promotions.

award for military personnel in 2010/11, which was announced by the Armed Forces Pay Review Body in March, will not be affected by the pay freeze. In addition to these developments the Coalition

It should be noted that the two per cent pay

Government plans to review Armed Forces pay in a fair pay review. The former Defence Secretary John Hutton will also lead a review on public sector pensions, to report next year.

■ Spending Challenge The public sector pay freeze is part of the

Government’s plan to reduce the national debt by taking action and reducing costs across the board. Following the Emergency Budget, Prime Minister

David Cameron launched the ‘Spending Challenge’. This was an engagement programme, seeking ideas from the public on how to save money and deliver more for less, as they try to bring down the deficit. The challenge was open to all members of the public and was your chance to shape the way government works. The Government believes that the people who use

THE gun that was the star of the very last Command Field Gun Tournament at Earl’s Court in 1999 has taken up a new home in the Warrant Offi cers and Senior Rates Mess at HMS Drake. The final year of the tournament

Big guns at HMS Drake

saw the Devonport team claim the victor’s laurels, and claim the world record run time.

The retired field gun was presented to the Naval Base Commander Cdre Ian Jess,


trustee of the Mess, by the Field Gun Museum and Association’s Linda James, and the Field Gun Association’s chairman Grassy Meadows and president Mike Thomas (pictured right).

veterans who have been medically discharged through injury since 2001, qualify for tickets. Visit: to find out what’s on and to register.

services, treatment pathways and useful contacts etc. Specific subsections focus on rehabilitation services, mental

of information on healthcare in the forces and provides an insight into how the NHS and military medics work together. There are details on accessing

The site provides a wealth They have brought to our to look where

DEFENCE INTERNAL BRIEFS (DIBs) 52/10: Shaping a new Defence – Engagement exercise with the Armed Forces and Defence Civilians: Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Stirrup, and Permanent Secretary Sir Bill Jeffrey have launched an engagement exercise inviting members of the Armed Forces and Defence civilians to feed in their ideas to the SDSR. 51/10: Secretary of State’s Announcement on Afghanistan: The UK has agreed, following a request from the NATO International Security Assistance Force, to temporarily deploy 300 additional troops from the Theatre Reserve Battalion, 2nd Battalion The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment, into central Helmand. 48/10: Supreme Court Judgment in the Smith Case: The Supreme Court has upheld the MOD’s appeal in part, ruling that Article 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) does not extend to members of the UK Armed Forces carrying out military duties abroad outside UK bases. 46/10: Judgement in the Maya Evans Judicial Review: The High Court has ruled that UK forces can lawfully continue to transfer UK-captured insurgents to sovereign Afghan authorities.

45/10: The Spending Challenge – Engagement Exercise with Public Sector Employees: Following the Emergency Budget, the Prime Minister David Cameron launched the Spending Challenge, a wide- reaching engagement programme starting with public sector workers to share ideas on how to save money and deliver more for less.

44/10: Emergency Budget – Public Sector Pay Freeze: As part of the Government’s Emergency Budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced a two-year pay freeze from 2011-12 for public sector workers, except for those earning £21k or less, who will see a pay rise of at least £250 in these years.

DIN 2010 DIN01-119: The Naval Service Mediation Policy for the resolution of workplace-based disputes and appropriate E&D complaints


DIN 2010 DIN01-126: RN Ratings/ RM Other Ranks – Appraisal report on supersession of First Reporting Offi cer DIN 2010 DIN01-128: Royal Navy Logistics Branch – Revision to specialist titles

DIN 2010 DIN01-129: Publication of Revised JSP 893 - Policy on safeguarding vulnerable groups

far over 53,000 Service personnel have registered with the scheme and over 200,000 tickets have been generously donated by organisations and venues. All serving military personnel, as well as any

running a children’s drawing competition, offering an all-expenses-paid trip to London for the family. The prize includes accommodation in the Victory

■ Children’s Drawing Competition: Win a Family Trip to London Victory Services Club and are

Services Club, located in the heart of London’s West End, with fabulous days out and transport. The competition is open to children of all ages to

DIN 2010 DIN05-042: Management of Defence nuclear activities DIN 2010 DIN06-018: Ballast water management for MOD shipping DIN 2010 DIN07-088: Strategic leadership and management programmes at the Defence Academy for 2010/11 DIN 2010 DIN07-089: Volunteering for operational linguist duties DIN 2010 DIN07-095: Media operations training 2010-11

draw their experience of what life is like in the Armed Forces community – a great opportunity for you to see life through their eyes! The prize is for up to six family members and the deadline for submissions is September 30. For more information and entry details please visit: Good luck!

■ Contact the NFF If you have any comments on the issues discussed in this article, or would like to raise a matter of concern, please e-mail the NFF on: admin@ or telephone: 023 9265 4374. Postal correspondence can be sent to: NFF, Castaway House, 311 Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth, PO2 8RN.

GALAXY 2010-12: Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) GALAXY 2010-11: Emergency Budget pay freeze and pension review announcement

Certifi cation Issue 08/10 No158/10: Combat System


Issue 08/10 No 156/10: MA in Intelligence and Security Studies commencing January 2011

Issue 08/10 No 157/10: Recording of leave on JPA

Issue 08/10 Nos 154/10: HMS Ark Royal Silver Jubilee cocktail party, November 4 2010

Issue 08/10 RNTM 152/10: RN Ratings/ RM Other Ranks – appraisal report on supersession of First Reporting Offi cer Issue 08/10 Nos 151/10: HMS Sceptre decommissioning events Issue 08/10 Nos 150/10: SGM 6413 –

Issue 08/10 Nos 148/10: Merger of Regional OJAR Cells with the Offi cers’ Promotion Section (OPS) at Portsmouth Issue 08/10 Nos 145/10: Introduction into the Surface Flotilla of the Electronic Flubcon Report

Issue 08/10 Nos 144/10: Cessation of the Submarine Rating recruitment bounty – ‘Recruit an OPPO’

Task Equipment (MTE) on-load/off-load/ accounting procedures for surface ships

to look where Issue 08/10 Nos 141/10: Military

Issue 08/10 Nos 143/10: The Association of Royal Navy Offi cer (ARNO) essay competition 2010

Standards: Personnel Functional Standards have undergone a major review to incorporate recent changes in legislation, policy and the Service Personnel Command Paper. GALAXY 2010-14 Revised procedure for the management of Service complaints at Level 1 in the Navy Command. GALAXY 2010-13: Submarine mixed manning study

GALAXY 2010-15 Personnel Functional GALAXY MESSAGES

from the Joint Helicopter Command DIN 2010 DIN03-015: Production of Memoranda of Understanding DIN 2010 DIN04-113: Sonobuoys – RN Allowances/Annual training expenditure and revised accounting instructions (R) DIN 2010 DIN05-041: Collocation of the Sea King Project Team to AgustaWestland, Yeovil

Vetting (NSV) information on Human Resources Management System (HRMS) DIN 2010 DIN03-014: Requesting support

DIN 2010 DIN02-011: National Security

DIN 2010 DIN01-124: Restatement of Armed Forces Pension Scheme 1975 (AFPS 75) and Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) Regulations

merger of Regional OJAR Cells with Offi cers’ Promotion Section (OPS) at Portsmouth DIN 2010 DIN01-121: Armed Forces Muslim Association Conference and Families Day – July 31 2010

DIN 2010 DIN01-120: Naval Service –

Preparation and selection for submarine command course

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