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NAVY NEWS, AUGUST 2010 News and information for serving personnel

1SL: ‘What we do is in high demand’

the country. However the First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope is calling upon the men and women of the Royal Navy to make their voices heard and engage with the crucial process of review. He is open about the issues

Government is committed to reducing MOD running costs by 25 per cent; and a challenging timeline, with the Review to report in the autumn”.

and the

IT WOULD be more than surprising if any British Serviceman or woman had missed the fact that we are in the throes of the Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) in parallel with the Government’s Spending Review and its impact across

● Media-award winning carrier HMS Illustrious arrives in Rosyth earlier this year

Media savvy

CAN YOU take the crown from HMS Illustrious who has won the Desmond Wettern Fleet award for the last two years?

facing the Ministry as a whole: “The Review will be conducted within the context of a difficult financial position,

The deadline is looming for the submission of entries for the 2010 Desmond Wettern Fleet Award. So if you think your ship,

“apart from Op Herrick, there is no higher priority.” This sentiment was reflected in a recent speech by the admiral at the RUSI Maritime Conference. “Afghanistan remains the priority for Defence.

campaign doesn’t define Defence, but it must stay at the centre of our thinking, the focus for our joint operations, and our main effort until mission success – however that comes to be understood – has been achieved.” He went on: “Important as

that campaign is, and I pause to pay tribute to the courage and commitment of those in that fight and recognise the enormous sacrifices made by our armed forces, we must not forget the range of other tasks, those not in Afghanistan, beyond contingent operations,

promote the national interest.” Among those areas highlighted by the First Sea Lord were the protection of overseas territories, the stabilisation of other regions, and defending the air and sea space of this island nation. He urged his audience of

New man at the helm as 2SL

VICE Admiral Charles Montgomery has now taken over as the Second Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Personnel. His predecessor, Vice Admiral Sir Alan Massey, leaves the Royal Navy to take up the helm of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Admiral Montgomery joined the Royal Navy in 1973, and during his long career has commanded HMS Beaver and the Maritime Warfare School, HMS Collingwood. His previous post was Naval Secretary and Chief of Staff (Personnel), where he was responsible for all policy and plans governing Naval personnel. His new role gives him

that protect and The The admiral has stressed:

● First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope visits HMS Ark Royal at Halifax in Canada during the Auriga deployment

Picture: LA(Phot) Gregg Macready

maritime and military experts to bear in mind three key observations: “First, Defence is a team game,

and we need to think in those terms”;

delivering today and they will have a vital role tomorrow”.

“Second, maritime capabilities are not a luxury – they are a necessity”; “Third, our maritime forces are

The admiral painted a picture of the Navy’s activity around the world, saying “What we do is in high demand.”

and connected.

may manifest themselves in the future is uncertain; but I should make the point that 85 per cent of the countries in the world have a coastline and the land-locked remainder can increasingly be influenced from the sea. “Eighty per cent of the world’s capital cities are within 150 miles of coastlines. By 2030, 65 per cent of the world’s population – about six billion people – will live within this area.”

threats identified by recent work by the MOD: terrorists and other non-state actors; hostile states; and where there is a national interest, fragile or failing states. Admiral Stanhope said: “It also concluded that the operating environments of the land, sea, air, space and cyberspace will be contested,

congested, cluttered He outlined the three principal “Exactly where these threats

He urged: “I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of RN/RM/RFA personnel engaging proactively,

The admiral went on to stress the Navy’s experience and adaptability in this littoral zone; and the military’s aim to act as a deterrent to prevent crises developing.

It is against the backdrop of this type of thinking that Admiral Stanhope is calling upon the men and women of the Naval service to follow closely and engage with the the SDSR.

Crucial to keep an eye on JPA

IT IS essential to make sure that your personal information on JPA is up to date and accurate, as has been outlined in recent RNTM 136/10.

This isn’t only about you and your appraisal report,

contains a record of your next of kin contacts. It is also your way to make sure

but it

responsibility for all personnel and training issues; and ensuring that the Royal Navy has enough capable and motivated people. The admiral recently visited frigate HMS Somerset in the Northern Arabian Gulf and has also been out to Afghanistan to meet the men and women of the Royal Navy and the green berets of the Royal Marines serving in these operational theatres. ■ See pages 8 and 9 of Global Reach for these operational stories.

your ‘souls on board’ record has you in the right place. And that your careers manager knows what your preferences are. Personal information is also used to underpin policies and procedures that rely on accuracy; and to keep track of people joining and leaving units, and training courses undertaken. So rather than thinking of JPA

in terms of the annual appraisal report, it is important to keep the personal information held in the system up to date throughout the year.

generic check form to be used by divisional officers to remind officers and ratings to keep an eye on specific data on JPA. These forms, once complete, should provide a list of actions for the individual, or indeed anyone else in their reporting or career chain at varying times. The optimum period for completing the check form is

RNTM 136/10 includes a

within two months of joining a new establishment, and no later than one month after the SJAR or OJAR has been finalised on JPA Appraisal.

that these targets may not be attainable by some units ie in circumstances where JPA is ‘offline’ at certain times. Although the majority of JPA

There is a recognition however

data is owned by the individual, the divisional officer or first reporting officer is to undertake the review, and the unit management of this process should be undertaken by Unit HR.

On completion, check forms are to be retained by the divisional officer/first reporting officer either in soft copy or hard copy. This form should be destroyed once it has been superseded or when the individual leaves the unit/establishment.

All units are to keep a central record indicating the most recent date when each of their personnel completed this check – this will allow monitoring and checking of progress. ■ RNTM 136/10 supersedes RNTM 86/09: mandatory checking of personal information on JPA.

but, so long as the Divisional/ Regimental Folder remains, hard copy can be held.

collegiately in this work.” The admiral also highlighted the need of the individual to keep engaged with the process, and use all of the official information sources available – defence intranet, MOD website, the RN web, the Royal Navy Message House and the Galaxy system. In addition he warned: “It is inevitable that the media will draw their own conclusions on possible outcomes, but we should not regard such speculation as reflecting ground truth.” And the admiral’s final message to his military audience tempered prediction with pragmatism: “We are entering uncertain times and, notwithstanding the strength of the maritime case, it is likely there will be some uncomfortable outcomes.”

Changes to AFCS

constructively and

submarine, Naval Air Squadron or Royal Marines unit has achieved maximum positive media coverage of the Royal Navy in 2009, then why not submit an entry before summer leave? Entries must be in hard copy

format and supported by a citation of 500 words, don’t forget to provide evidence too, this can be in the form of: ■ Media strategy ■ Media lines taken ■ Press Releases ■ Newspaper cuttings ■ Magazine articles ■ TV/Video clips ■ Documentaries ■ Radio ■ Internet sites, web content,


As well as the overall Desmond Wettern Award, there are awards

Picture: LA(Phot) JJ Massey

for ‘best entry in the frigate/ destroyer category’, ‘best evidence of using the web’, ‘best entry in the small ships category’ and ‘best entry in the submarine category’. The award, a cut glass ship’s decanter mounted on a plinth of oak from the timber of HMS Victory, will be presented at this year’s Maritime Media Award event on October 28, at the Institute of Directors, London. If you want to get your hands on the trophy and celebrate your victory with a glass of port from its very own decanter (a tradition states the decanter is ‘never allowed to run dry’) then give it a go.

Submit your nominations in hard copy format, no later than September 24 to the News Desk, Fleet Media and Communications, Fleet Headquarters, MP 1-4, Leach Building,

Hampshire, PO2 8BY.

telephone number for queries is 02392 628825. For further information, please refer to RNTM 114/10 and good luck.

Up close and personnel

THIS year has seen a major update for the Personnel Functional Standards (PFS) – the Navy’s way of defi ning the essential terms and conditions of service for its people.

A RECENT review of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme decided it was fundamentally sound, but that there were several areas identifi ed for improvement. Many changes required

legislative changes and will be brought in by February next year; but several have been made quickly and become effective on the third of this month. These include: ■ extending the time limits for

injury claims from five to seven years; ■ extending the time limits for

bereavement claims from one to three years; ■ an increase in the maximum

level of bereavement grant payable in the future to £25,000 for Regular Service Personnel; ■ an increase in the above for

Soft copy records are preferred a

Reservists who are not members of a reserve forces pension scheme to £37,500; ■ an uplift of the majority of

awards for hearing loss by one tariff level.

The MOD will revisit all claims made up to June 2012 to ensure that all claims reflect the changes from the review.

Previous claimants will be contacted by the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency to discuss their increased payment. ■ For more information see DIB 55/10, dated July 21 2010.

The update has brought the standards into line with all the latest legal and policy changes. While not a formal contract, the PFS do set a benchmark for the terms and conditions which the Naval Service is determined to meet. However this ambition may sometimes be tempered by the problems of operational demands or pressure upon resources – but in this circumstance Navy Command HQ needs to know so that something can be done. In order to assist this responsiveness,

reporting system has been brought in to make sure that Navy Command is best placed to respond wherever it can. The key changes for PFS 2010

an improved

operational tempo; ■ recognition of the Service Complaints Commissioner and revised service complaints procedures; ■ an update to reflect the

Armed Forces Act 06; ■ increased opportunity for

personnel in Phase 1 and 2 and trained strength personnel to participate in physical activity during the core working day; and that at least 20 per cent of unit personnel are to be provided the opportunity to participate in

are: ■ a change of assignment notice for non-squadded Junior Ratings from five to three months for shore to sea assignments, reflecting the reality of managing personnel within the context of current and anticipated future

NEED to get your message across to the rest of the RN? The 2-6 TV DVD has been aligned with the Personnel Support Brief providing an enhanced package for use in sharing information. Feedback received regarding the new-look 2-6 TV DVD is encouraging. Your thoughts and opinions are invaluable. Please forward any

Training or Challenging Activities each year; ■ a new chapter detailing the major aspects of health promotion; ■ the method of measurement of effectiveness has been reviewed to improve units’ ability to report PFS status and Navy Command’s ability to manage and collate evidence to target necessary change.



Portsmouth, The

General queries about the system should be directed to: ■ Cdr Fiona Fawcett RN – Fleet-DNPS PPOL WLB SO1 93832 5514 ■ CPO Logs(Wtr) Howard

Taylor – Fleet-DNPS PPOL WLB CPO 93832 5516

It’s your 2-6, on page and TV

constructive ideas about what should be covered to WO1 Baz Cooke or Pauline Aquilina. To feature in the Navy News 2-6 pages contact Lt Cdr Heather Lane or WO1 Cooke. ■ Lt Cdr Heather Lane, 93832


8821, FLEET-DCS-INFO-IC WO ■ Pauline Aquilina, 9621

8809, FLEET-DCS-INFO-IC SO2 ■ WO1 Baz Cooke, 93832

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