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IN the late 1980s, the Soviet Union was a defence-oriented and ideology- minded state with an underdeveloped leisure and amusement sector. Whereas dozens of beautiful theme parks were built in America and Europe, they were virtually unavailable in the USSR, which was restricted to around 600 small carnival-type parks which were, as a rule, outdated, especially compared to ambitious projects elsewhere. On July 9, 1988, free-enterprising activity was allowed by law, and 15

days afterwards the world saw the birth of Pax Design. The group was incorporated by Vladimir Gnezdilov, who had previously been involved in space engineering, and quickly grew to become one of Europe’s leading roller coaster manufacturers. In 1988, Pax produced and erected Russia’s first steel roller coaster and


LONG recognised as the developer of some of the world’s most technologically advanced roller coasters, S&S Worldwide has announced plans to build a “fourth-dimension” coaster at Dinosaur Park in Changzhou, China. Unlike traditional roller coasters where trains only run parallel to the

track, the Utah-based group’s 4D coaster sends riders around a 3,600ft maze of steel track aboard large, wing-shaped trains. The seats extend off the track to the sides of the vehicle, allowing the

the following year a ride 12m high and 400m long was manufactured and installed at Izmailovo Park in Moscow, where it turned out to be an immediate success. In 1992, the firm designed, built and started operating Russia’s first

looping coaster in Gorky Park, Moscow, while 1993 marked the company’s first overseas expansion after it exported a coaster to Costa Rica. From 2000 to 2010 more than 100 amusement rides were produced and

installed in Russia and around the world, including such major roller coasters as Camel Trophy in Saudi Arabia, an indoor coaster in Bahrain, a Formula Pax coaster in France and a Wild Train-14 roller coaster in Austria. A custom- designed looping roller coaster is being completed this year in Switzerland.



industry’s future is here now!



S&S Worldwide, Inc., Logan, Utah, USA (+) 1-435-752-1987

here now!

Utah, USA

The industry’s future is here now!

S&S Worldwide, Inc., Logan, Utah, USA

(+) 1-435-752-1987


passengers to be independently rotated head over heels and forwards and backwards. The ride’s 360-degree rotating seats move the passengers independently, creating head-first, face-down drops. “This amazing coaster takes riders on a journey to an unchartered

dimension of extreme that only the 4th Dimension can deliver,” said Kevin Rohwer, vice-president of sales and marketing for S&S. “We appreciate yet another opportunity to build and install this

incredible coaster and we anticipate that the amusement industry will be very excited about its upcoming installation.” The as-yet-unnamed Dinosaur Park ride - which is known as X2 at Six

Flags in California and as Eejanaika at Fujikyu Highlands in Japan - is set to open in 2011.




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