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Tork liquid soaps are now housed in a new Cleaning Show in corrugated box. And it only uses only a sixth of
cartridge that is completely sealed to protect the Birmingham; the eco- the amount of material, reducing the volume of
soap from contamination. A University of Arizona friendly and easy-to-use waste along with waste disposal costs.
study has revealed that 25% of bulk refillable Soluclean range of pre-
“Cleaners will like the fact that the Tork Carry
soap dispensers contain unsafe levels of bacteria. measured water-soluble
Pack has comfortable handles allowing them to
Another advantage of the new cartridge is that it
concentrated cleaning
carry two packs at once,” said SCA Tissue
takes only a few seconds to replace, leaving staff
products. The Soluclean
Europe product and market manager Charlotte
free to pursue other tasks. And the recyclable
range has been
Branwhite. “But the new packaging will be
cartridge is collapsible which reduces the
formulated to be used in
particularly welcomed by facilities managers
volume of waste by 70%, cutting down on waste
both trigger sprays for
who will appreciate the fact that it saves on
disposal costs.
work surfaces and
labour and reduces waste disposal costs.
buckets for floor cleaning.
The fact that the soaps have pH values of around “The fact that two packs can be carried at once
4.5% - similar to that of healthy skin - means they
The sachets provide a practical, safe, economical
saves valuable time spent ferrying hand towels to
are less likely to cause dermatological problems
and eco-friendly alternative to mixing and
the washrooms. And the pack can be opened in a
that could lead to staff absenteeism. And every
diluting liquid chemicals and ready to use
few seconds by peeling back a perforated plastic
soap cartridge contains a new pump which means
cleaning products.
tab, which removes the need for hunting around
that clogging due to repeated use will no longer In the current economic climate, where every for a knife to open a box.”
be an issue. penny has to count, the value of pre-dosed
The bundles of Tork
The new Tork Alcohol
chemicals can be measured in monetary terms,
interfold hand
Gel Hand Sanitiser
and the overall cost savings that Companies are
towels inside the
seeing on the bottom line, when compared to the
conforms to EN 1500
traditional format of cleaning chemicals have
Tork Carry Pack are
and leaves the hands
only served to increase the success of the
tightly compressed
99.9% bacteria free,
Soluclean range.
which means they
while Tork Toilet Seat take up the
Cleaner hygienically
According to Ashgrove’s Jon Horton, the sachets
minimum amount of
cleans the toilet seat
have proved extremely popular. “Companies are
space during storage. The fact that the plastic pack
and dries quickly
not only recognising the benefits of pre-dosing
is waterproof means it can be stored outside
while also helping to
against the time-consuming and uneconomical
without any risk of damage or contamination to the
neutralise odours.
mixing and diluting of cleaning chemicals, but
towels before use.
also the warehousing and transportation cost
Also new is Tork Industrial Hand Cleanser which
savings that can be made. With one pallet of
The packs are semi-transparent to reduce
is highly effective at removing dirt, oil and grease
Soluclean Liquid sachets being the equivalent of
“picking errors”, and the fold of the towels has
from the hands due to its fat-dissolving
50 pallets of ready to use product the
also been improved to allow bundles of towels
environmental benefits are astonishing”. Jon went
to be split more easily. “This allows the towels
All Tork soaps are paraben-free and triclosan-free,
onto say that after the success of exporting to the
to be topped up even faster than before,”
and contain only natural preservatives. They have
Middle East; new export markets were opening for
said Charlotte.
been dermatologically tested and they also hold
the Soluclean products.
The plastic used in the Tork Carry Pack is
the Nordic Swan ecolabel while the extra mild
For Further information email:
recyclable and can be used as a bin liner when
version also holds the EU Flower.
empty, which can further help to reduce costs in
Designed to protect frequently-washed or
a facility.
sanitised hands is Tork Hand and Body Lotion
All Tork interfold hand towels will be available in
which contains a moisturising agent and is
New Tork Carry Pack saves
the new Tork Carry Pack. The towels feature a
perfume and colour-free to minimise the risk of
time and money
distinctive embossed laurel leaf pattern and are
allergic reactions.
A new packaging concept for Tork interfold hand
available in Tork Premium and Tork Advanced
towels is designed to cut costs, save time and
options. Tork interfold hand towels can be
make life easier for the cleaner.
housed in the easy-clean, award-wining Tork
SCA Tissue Europe’s new Tork Carry Pack™ is
Elevation dispenser or the upmarket Tork
Last year, Ashgrove Specialist Products launched made from strong, clear plastic and is easier to
Aluminium dispenser.
the next generation in surface cleaning at the transport, open and store than a traditional
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