Excellence in Management

An RN who makes signifi cant contributions to the management, supervision or direction of the environment of care and the performance of staff , demonstrating an ability to lead, infl uence and improve outcomes of care in any inpatient or outpatient setting.

Stephan McDonald, MSN, RN Nurse Manager, ED

Thomas Jeff erson University Hospitals Philadelphia

Rising Star

An RN who has been licensed and working in any care setting for fewer than fi ve years and who possesses a strong nursing knowledge base and good clinical skills; who shows special characteristics and traits indicative of future leadership strengths; who has personal and career goals in place and who demonstrates knowledge of current professional nursing issues.

Rachel Lehman, BSN, RN Registered Nurse, MICU

Abington (Pa.) Hospital Jeff erson Health

McDonald helped lead an ED redesign that has improved access to emergency care and signifi cantly reduced door-to-provider times and leſt -without-being-seen rates at the inner-city hospital, a project coined “ED 2.0.”

Beyond the service improvements to patients the redesign achieved, McDonald said he is most proud of the cultural improvements made over the past few years that have allowed the department to institute such radical change. “We have always had an amazing staff ,” he said. “We are now much more engaged, positive, team-oriented and, most importantly, patient-centered.”

In refl ecting on his career, McDonald pointed to a moment several years ago when he was working as an ED staff member. “I had an ‘aha’ moment one day when refl ecting on bad professional behaviors I had witnessed for many years, some of which I had adopted,” he said.

“In that moment, I grew up and stopped compromising my personal and professional values,” he said. “Overnight my feelings of despair with my job were relieved. I was proud of the work I was doing again.”

He hopes other nurses will heed his advice “to never compromise your personal and professional values.”

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A clinical nurse at an acute care, nonprofi t hospital, Lehman is responsible for delivering care for a diverse patient population, including pre- and post- surgical patients, patients with acute neurological injury and medical patients with complex illnesses.

She has demonstrated leadership skills beyond her years, joining the hospital’s shared governance committee and six months later assuming the role of co-chairwoman of this unit-based group. Within another four months, she was elected to chair her specialty cluster, and within another six months, she became a member of the network nursing council.

Lehman, who said she was “humbled and tremendously honored” to be named a GEM Awards winner, called her work in shared governance the “greatest contribution to my facility during my fi rst years of practice.

“With eff ort and time, as well as teamwork with engaged colleagues, I have been able to accomplish a lot, and it makes me excited to see what the future could hold,” she said.•

Tom Clegg is a freelance writer.


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