Excellence in Education and Mentorship

An RN who contributes to nursing’s body of knowledge through formal nursing education, skills training or continuing education, or who guides, supports or infl uences nurses’ career development in meaningful, measurable ways through the art of professional nursing.

Gwyn Parris-Atwell, MSN, RN, APN-C, CEN, FAEN, CS

Nurse Practitioner, Employee Health, Kennedy Health

Stratford, N.J.

Chief Nurse, 514th Aerospace Medicine Squadron

USAF Reserve Unit, McGuire Air Force Base Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J.

Parris-Atwell has spent her career improving the lives of others, whether it’s the patients she has helped as a civilian and military nurse or the colleagues she has mentored. For her service in both areas, she has received numerous honors and awards.

But being named a regional GEM Awards winner was something special for Parris-Atwell. “When Eileen Williamson announced my name as the recipient of this prestigious award, at that moment it defi ned my professional career,” she said. “I was overwhelmed with gratitude and pride for my employer, fellow associates and Air Force Reserve comrades.”

Parris-Atwell is responsible for strategic planning, coordination, delegation and leadership of about 50 nursing service personnel in her squadron and is responsible for a wing of about 2,400 airmen. She has an uncanny ability to infl uence nurses to become educators and to build programs she started.

Parris-Atwell said she joined the military as a reservist aſt er attending her fi rst New Jersey Emergency Nurses Association conference, where she spoke with Army nurse recruiters. She called it “one of the best decisions I have made in my career.”

Excellence in

Executive Leadership

An RN who is well-known and respected as a visionary, innovative leader and change agent; who moves the profession forward through work in patient care administration, education or research; or strengthens the profession through other professional activities, endeavors or contributions.

Janet Davies, MSN, RN, APN, CCNS, CENP

Vice President of Patient Care Services

Inspira Health Network- Vineland/Elmer (N.J.)

Being selected a regional winner leſt Davies “surprised and so excited,” but considering her history of pushing others to achieve meaningful recognition, perhaps it was fi tting she should win.

Davies is responsible for approximately 900 clinical nurses and nursing leaders in a three-hospital system, and she takes great pride in being a mentor to many of them and seeing them achieve professional and academic growth.

“Our management team members have completed or are in the process of completing a master’s degree,” she said. “I am proud of our identifi cation of future leaders and succession planning to develop those identifi ed as nursing leaders.”

Beyond mentorship, Davies points to specifi c moments and decisions she made that helped her become the nurse she is today, including her many clinical experiences, pursuit of higher education and certifi cation to build her confi dence, and even the choice to leave “the comfort of my fi rst job,” which she said was “diffi cult but forced me to become more independent.”

Davies’ advice to new nurses is “to develop a mindset of lifelong learning and setting new goals.”

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