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Briggs Hall Today, humble Briggs Hall is a small art and woodworking studio tucked away in one of

the sleepier parts of campus. But would you have guessed that it was once the epicenter of Eastern athletics? Built in 1937 and named for University President John M. Munson’s friend, Detroit Tigers owner Walter O. Briggs, Eastern used the building as a fi eldhouse and gateway to the football fi eld.

Walter P. Reuther Library, Archives of Labor and Urban Aff airs, Wayne State University.

Pray-Harrold This mammoth building, one of the largest classroom buildings in the

U.S., is actually named for two people: Carl Pray (left), a popular History Department head from the early 20th

century, and Charles F. Harrold (right),

a beloved English literature professor. Built in 1969, Pray-Harrold has seven stories of classrooms, offi ce space and lecture halls. It remains one of the busiest areas on campus, being the central location for a number of general education courses and popular majors.

Jim and Cathy Webb Classroom Jim and Cathy Webb have fostered a commitment to EMU since both attended the

University as students. These long-time contributors to the College of Business were recently recognized with a dedicated classroom in the college’s main building.

Sill Hall In 1965, more than a century after his graduation from EMU (then Michigan State Normal School),

the university gave John Mayhelm Barry Sill’s name to a new building intended to house fi ne arts studios and industrial arts classrooms. Sill, who was one of our fi rst graduates (class of 1854), later became president of the university. He’d likely be pleased to know his namesake building is now the heart of EMU’s College of Technology.

We’ve only covered a few of the many named buildings and spaces on campus. But we haven’t run out of naming opportunities. The EMU Foundation—Eastern’s fundraising organization—has identifi ed dozens of distinct and prominent naming opportunities across campus. These range from the new Science Complex addition and the Indoor Athletic Practice Facility to spaces in the EMU Student Center and the new fi tness trail on the west end of campus. Fundraising initiatives like these are crucial to supporting Eastern’s fi nancial future in the face of drastic cuts in state funding.

Naming proposals are approved either by the president, or, for major projects, by the Board of Regents. To learn more about naming opportunities, contact the EMU Foundation at 734.484.1322.

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