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6 MILITARY OFFICER OCTOBER 2016 Volume 14, Number 10

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Communications Committee Rear Adm. Larry L. Hereth, USCG (Ret), chair; Rear Adm. Samuel P. De Bow Jr., NOAA (Ret); Joyce N. Harte; Col. Kelly F. Hilland, USAR; Brig. Gen. David E. Price, USAF (Ret); Capt. Gordan E. Van Hook, USN (Ret)

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Officers Gen. Charles T. Robertson Jr., USAF, chair; Lt. Gen. Randall L. Rigby, USA, 1st vice chair; Lt. Gen. Michael D. Rochelle, USA, 2nd vice chair; Col. Eric T. Chase, USMC, 3rd vice chair; Lt. Gen. Dana T. Atkins, USAF, presi- dent and CEO; Col. James W. O’Brien, USAF, executive vice president, COO, and CFO; Maj. Gen. Joseph G. Lynch, USAF, secretary; Col. Robert G. Certain, USAF, national chaplain

Board of Directors Terms expire 2016: Col. E.T. Chase, USMC; Lt. Col. J.M. Conner, USAF; Brig. Gen. B.C. Frandsen, USA; Rear Adm. L.L. Hereth, USCG; Col. K.F. Hilland, USAR*; Cmdr. P.J. Kusiak, USN; Maj. Gen. R.C. Marr, USAF; Lt. Col. E.L. Marvin, USAF; Lt. Gen. R.L. Rigby, USA; Gen. C.T. Robertson Jr., USAF; Lt. Gen. M.D. Rochelle, USA; Capt. P.N. Troedsson, USCG Terms expire 2018: Col. C.W. Anderson, USMC; Cmdr. J.J. Chernoski, USN; Lt. Col. M.G. Clark, USA*; Rear Adm. S.P. De Bow Jr., NOAA; Rear Adm. K.M. Dussault, USN; Maj. Gen. K.C. McClain, USAF; Col. A.T. Pimentel, USAF; Col. B.J. Ramsey, USA; Col. M.J. Rogers, USA; Gen. J.J. Sheehan, USMC; Capt. R.J. Silah, USN; Capt. C.N. Starnes, USN Terms expire 2020: Lt. Col. C. Burnham, USAF; Col. R.G. Certain, USAF; Vice Adm. M.L. Cowan, USN; Lt. Col. J.M. Crockett, USA*; Adm. W.F. Doran, USN; Lt. Gen. E. Hanlon Jr., USMC; J.N. Harte; Rear Adm. C. Helminiak, USPHS; Brig. Gen. D.E. Price, USAF; Brig. Gen. V.L. Richardson, USA; Col. F.J. Snyder, USA*; Capt. G.E. Van Hook, USN

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Vice Presidents Chief Information Officer, S.J. Keuser; Com- munications, Col. J.B. Withington, USA; Council/Chapter and Member Support, Capt. J.A. Carman, USN; Development, Col. M.R. Turner, USAF; Finance and Opera- tions, Col. J.W. O’Brien, USAF; General Coun- sel, Maj. Gen. J.G. Lynch, USAF; Government Relations, Col. S. Strobridge, USAF; Member- ship and Marketing, K.E. Partain


* Currently serving; all other officers listed are retired from the specified uniformed service.

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