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Let nature be your teacher.

Roots of Herbalism Sat & Sun • Sept 10-11

Family Herbalist Program

4-month Certifi cation Starts Sat & Sun • Sept 17-18

Jammin’ Drum Class Every Tuesday • 7–9 pm

Space is Limited! Sign Up Today at Visit our Website and Video Blog to learn more about Florida’s Edible & Medicinal Plants! 1109 E. Concord St. • Orlando, FL 32803


Let Master Stylist Nicole Nemeth bring out your natural beauty!

for any haircut ($25 value)

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Also specializing in

Hair ExtiHa r Extensions, Hair Color European Highlight Technique, Kera n treatments and

ensions, Hair Color,

European Highlight Technique, Kera n treatments and

Yuko Japanese Straightening

Stella Luca Salon 460 North Orlando Avenue, Winter Park Village

407-234-5527 (rated #1 Salon by OBJournal) 12

CUPPING—A Simple Therapy— Not Just for Olympic Athletes


upping was a recent media sensation at the 2016 Olympics in Rio when

so many Olympic athletes had large round purple circles on their backs and shoulders. As almost every news station reported, the marks were simply the results of receiving cupping. The coaches and trainers of Team USA said they know cupping helps athletes deliver their peak performance. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views cupping as a method to relieve

stagnation of energy (qi) and blood. When blood or energy is not moving well through the interstitial tissues, the blood becomes de-oxygenated. Cupping pulls the stagnant blood from deep in the tissues or joints and the fresh blood brings oxygen, hormones and nutrients into the affected area to help the body heal. Cupping is a simple therapy, and the benefi ts are profound. James Barrow,

DOM, AP, has seen many people get relief or be completely healed from chronic conditions they have suffered from for years. He encourages anyone suffering from a chronic condition, joint and muscle pain, headaches, cold, fl u, fever, asthma, stroke, high blood pressure, etc. to seek a licensed practitioner to see if cupping will help their condition. James Barrow, DOM, AP, is the owner of Balancing Point Wellness, 1505 E.

Michigan Street, Orlando. He has served the Central Florida community for over 15 years. He offers free acupuncture twice a month to alleviate stress, pain and headaches. Call 407-243-2446 to learn more or to make an appointment.

Black Raspberries Bolster Heart Health R

esearch from Korea University Anam Hospital, in Seoul, South Korea, has found that

black raspberries signifi cantly decrease artery stiffness and increase heart- healthy endothelial progenitor cells (EPC), which assist in repairing damaged blood vessels. The study tested 51 patients that met at least three criteria for metabolic syndrome, including waist circumference measurements, high triglycerides, low high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and/or symptoms of glucose intolerance. The subjects were split into two groups; one received 750 milligrams per day of black raspberry extract for 12 weeks, while the other group received a placebo. The researchers assessed the radial artery augmentation index, a measure for blood vessel wall stiffness, and values for this measurement decreased by 5 percent in the black raspberry group. The placebo group’s levels increased by 3 percent. In addition, EPC counts increased in the black raspberry group by 19 microliters,

versus a drop of 28 microliters in the placebo group. Black raspberries contain a number of heart-healthy compounds, including phenolic acids, resveratrol, fl avonoids and tannins.

Central Florida natural awakenings

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