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2-3 Avoiding compliance anxiety Product standards specialists are on hand to help companies get to grip with compliance in an environment where the IoT is causing regulatory confusion and compliance anxiety

5 New weapon in EMC war Travelling Wave Tubes with their roots in the high spec defence industry are being used as EMC test instrumentation to cope with increased field strength requirements

6 & 9 Drive system upgrade saves energy for low voltage test lab A German test laboratory is breaking new ground in energy saving with the use of innovative drive technology in its surge generator

12 Could cranes undermine construction development? A cautionary tale of the serious and sometimes tragic consequences of not taking EMC compliance into account in construction and industrial machinery

15, 16 & 18 Company guide A guide to EMC Testing suppliers

20 EMC News for EMC testing.

• Wideband horn antenna • IBM joins Zero Outage

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EMC problems could lead to lost business

f you were to tell your boss that a fifth of your output was being wasted and could not be accounted for, I doubt they would be too impressed. Where would you think the wasted output was coming from?

Most managers would blame human error in their workforce, but they could be jumping to conclusions. In this issue, we look at a range of EMC challenges and answers, including a discussion with Keith Armstrong, global electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) expert at EMC Standards, specifically looking at the dangers of EMC in the cranes business. Nothing impacts a business more than scandal and failure – just

look at Volkswagen and environmental emission! Bad news with radio frequency interference (RFI) can also have a significant detrimental impact on a business. A large manufacturer of industrial fasteners, working in partnership with a major customer, agreed to install a packaging cell. This contained an automatic weighing machine that filled plastic packets with fasteners and a radio frequency (RF) welding machine, which sealed the packets. For financial reasons, the two machines were purchased separately, however the cost implications of this decision later became much more significant.

Both machines were supplied, installed and tested successfully.

However, when the manufacturer used both machines at the same time, the weighing machine suffered more than a 25% error rate caused by RF interference from the welding machine. This significant error translated into a substantial amount of wasted power output. In an eight-hour shift, the packaging cell should have packaged £20,000 worth of fasteners, however the automatic weighing machine was so inaccurate that it could have given away £4,000 worth of fasteners. Retrofitting machinery is another way of keeping up to date with technology, as well as applicable standards. Elsewhere in this issue, we look at how a German test house has upgraded its low voltage testing equipment, saving energy in the process. Our lead feature explores how the Internet of Things (IoT) brings with it the potential for device manufacturers’ compliance anxiety, as the race to get connected is held back by an increasingly complex regulatory compliance environment. Meanwhile, EMC testing is requiring higher field strengths than ever

before as test chambers become larger and more equipment is being packed into the EM environment. We look at how the London-based TMD Technologies is exhibiting a new series of intelligent, modular instrumentation amplifiers, with their roots in the defence industry.

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